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20:1 is a nationally recognized program acknowledged by California Coalition against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) and the United States Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (DoD SAPRO) as a best practice model for sexual assault prevention.

20:1 was originally a sexual assault prevention peer education program composed of leaders from the University's diverse fraternities. These men voluntarily educated other fraternity members and other men's groups on issues regarding sexual assault prevention. 20:1 was established in 2004. Currently 20:1 is a credit bearing internship with both male and female peers. 20:1 comprises of two programs; the 20:1 Sexual Assault Prevention Program and the 20:1 Bystander Intervention Program. Although an emphasis is still on providing education to Greek Life and Athletics, 20:1 has expanded providing education to a wide variety of students across campus.

The name of the group "20:1" represents the approximately twenty women per hour that are sexually assaulted each day in the United States, which was chosen by the fraternity peer educators upon its inception.


20:1 Sexual Assault Prevention Program

The 20:1 Sexual Assault Prevention Program is a peer education program with an emphasis on Greek Life and Athletics. 20:1 peer interns educate other students on issues of sexual assault prevention including: victim empathy, sexual consent, and bystander behavior.
The 20:1 Program focuses upon an issue of campus and national concern: prevention of and response to student-on-student sexual assault. What makes it distinctive are several attributes; stability, sustainability and steady growth.

It began as an initiative focused upon fraternity men. It has since developed a companion women's program and extended its reach first to intercollegiate athletes, then to the general student population and, most recently, to external audiences, including the military.

The 20:1 Program is highly collaborative. It involves multiple Student Affairs programs (Counseling, Fraternity / Sorority life, Educational Opportunity Program), and has more recently established a partnership with the Career Development Center and Academic Affairs that has facilitated a for-credit internship for students being trained in the 20:1 Program.

Currently, the 20:1 program is coordinated by Dara Raboy-Picciano, LCW-R from the Counseling Center, who co-founded the program in 2004. The program also has two professional facilitators Randall Edouard from the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and LC Cohgill from Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.

The program information can be viewed at the 20:1 website:


20:1 Bystander Intervention Program

The 20:1 Bystander Intervention Program for Students is a sister program to the original 20:1 Sexual Assault Prevention Program and derives from the Third Tier: The Bystander Program. 20:1 acknowledges the wide range of areas of interpersonal violence that is prevalent on college campuses, and as a result, this program expands beyond sexual assault prevention, offering education on a variety of topics around interpersonal violence prevention.

The new Bystander Intervention Program for all students functions as a forum for students to learn about sexual assault prevention, domestic violence, hate crimes/bullying, hazing and other incidents of potential situations of interpersonal violence where there might be opportunity for bystander intervention. A critical part of this new program focuses on what influences the decision making process as it relates to student's individual experiences and perspectives. The program utilizes an interactive format with the fundamental purpose of engaging the audiences in meaningful dialogue.


Highlights of the 20:1 Programs

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