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2016-2017 Interns

Christa Alexander

My name is Christa Alexander and I’m from New Hyde Park, Long Island.  I am currently a junior double majoring in political science and sociology on the pre-law track. I am currently a member of the SA Judicial Board, captain of Binghamton Masti, and political liaison for the Indian International Student Union. I love to dance competitively and in my free time, I also enjoy acrylic painting. I wanted to join the 20:1 Sexual Assault Prevention program because I truly believe that small steps of spreading awareness and educating others can decrease the scope of sexual assault on campus. In addition, I joined because I wanted to be an active agent in instilling this change on our campus.

Aidan Hernandez

I’m Aidan Hernandez, a PPL and Economics major from Forest Hills, Queens, NY. I’m a member of the Women’s Student Union and enjoy Sudoku, politics, Super Smash Bros, and History. I got involved with 20:1 for several reasons. Not until late in high school did I realize the epidemic that is sexual assault in society at large and specifically on college campuses. As I learned more about the subject I realized that I wanted to do something, anything to change the culture and prevent this kind of violence from happening. I got involved with the Women's Student Union because as a feminist group they covered in great depth the numbers and the emotions behind sexual violence. While learning and then teaching this information to friends and family, I still felt like I could do more, which is when I stumbled upon 20:1 during a presentation of the Hunting Ground. There, my friend Amanda told me about the internship and the great work that 20:1 has done to improve the dialogue and understanding around sexual assault, which culminated in me doing the summer and now school year internship.

Kaitlyn Krein 

My name is Kaitlyn Krein and I am from Hudson, New York which is a small city south of Albany. I am a senior psychology major with a minor in history. On campus I was briefly involved with the student psychology organization and am a mental health certified advocate. In my free time I enjoy playing video games, hanging out with friends, and going to the nature preserve. I joined 20:1 because I have always had a strong interest in promoting consensual sex to peers and advocating against violence and sexual assault of both sexes. I wanted to be given the opportunity to give back to Binghamton as it is my senior year, and know that this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. It seems like lately, sexual assault and violence on college campuses is always on the news, and if I can give back even in the slightest way to my campus while lowering these shocking statistics and events, I will be thankful.

Veronica Lennon

My name is Veronica Lennon, and I am a junior from the Bronx majoring in Integrative Neuroscience.   I am interested in animal behavior and hope to develop a focus on sexual behaviors of female primates and interactions between male and female primates.  My goals are to expand scientific knowledge in these areas of research, contribute a new perspective to evolutionary studies of female sexuality, and ultimately facilitate a dialogue about female sexuality that is conducive to the development of healthy relationships (both sexual and social) between men and women.  I believe 20:1 will equip me with the tools and knowledge to engage in such a dialogue.  I am excited to take advantage of this opportunity to make a change on our own campus by inspiring empathy and understanding through our educational programs!

John Marafing
My name is John Marafino. I am a Junior from Long Island New York, majoring in Finance and Management Information Systems. I am also currently the President of Tau Alpha Upsilon. My favorite sports teams are the New York Yankees and Giants. The reason I joined 20:1 was to help educate those about the issue of sexual assault and educate Greek Life organizations on the importance of Sexual Assault awareness and how to prevent it.
Talia Schwartz

My name is Talia Schwartz and I am from Owings Mills, Maryland.  I am senior majoring in Human Development and minoring in Education and Judaic Studies. On campus I am involved in Chabad as well as part of the Binghamton University Scholars Program. In my free time I enjoy crocheting, watching Netflix, and following the New England Patriots. I am a 20:1 intern because I believe that sexual assault is an issue that college students are not educated enough about. I have heard students make insensitive comments, ask important questions, and just seem generally curious and confused about the issues surrounding sexual assault. Through this internship, I hope to help educate and empower my peers allowing them to become knowledgeable about this issue, hopefully ultimately creating a safer campus environment.

Eric Smith

My name is Eric Smith. I live in Delmar New York, a couple minutes outside of Albany. I am starting my junior year and my major is Integrative Neuroscience. At Binghamton I am an Active member of Greek life and am a part of the Tau Alpha Upsilon Fraternity. I am also currently an Organic Chemistry 1 Teaching Assistant. My hobbies include soccer, running and reading.  This is my second year doing 20:1. Last year I participated in the Bystander Intervention program and it helped me pursue a passion, while also giving me valuable life lessons that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to start educating my peers about how we can make our campus a safer and friendly community


 Matthew Tencer

My name is Matthew Tencer. I’m from Dobbs Ferry, NY. I am majoring in Industrial Systems Engineering with a minor in Sustainability Engineering. My current standing is senior, and I am going for my MBA next year. Currently this is the only on campus organization I am a part of, however I am a member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, which is currently in process of petitioning back onto campus. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, sports such as hockey and wrestling, and a big passion of mine is music; I play the drums and some guitar. I joined the 20:1 program after my fraternity went through the consent program. I know as it’s said in the program that most men never commit sexual crimes, but the statistics are shocking to say the least. I firmly believe that knowledge and education are the first steps to solving many problems and none is this more true for than sexual assault. 


Liz Walsh

My name is Liz Walsh, I am a Junior from Westchester, New York majoring in Psychology with a double minor in Biological Anthropology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I just finished up my job as a Tour Guide through Undergraduate Admissions, as well as Summer Orientation and the brand new LGBTQ center on campus! I am a former REACH peer and am now training to be part of the High Hopes Helpline. I joined 20:1 to help open the necessary dialogue about sexual assault on campus, as well as in society at large. I'm here to empower others to help change our culture.



 Ilana Winter

My name is Ilana Winter and I am from Long Island, New York. I am a senior majoring in Psychology on the Applied Behavior Analysis track and minoring in Health and Wellness. I am currently a supervisor at the Institute for Child Development on campus, a choreographer on my dance team, and an active member of my sorority’s executive board. I also recently just completed an internship at the Mental Health Association in downtown Binghamton. A few other passions of mine include traveling, fundraising, cooking, and drawing. I feel that there is no better time to be a part of the 20:1 team than now- a time that sexual assault is unfortunately so prevalent on campuses. For my last year as a Binghamton Student, I plan to take advantage of my opportunity to make an impact on the sexual culture we are all exposed to as college students. By creating dialogue, we can understand what it means to sympathize with the victim as well as encourage others to be anything but a bystander. I truly believe that the only way the statistics will be lowered is if we educate and act.




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