The Dean's Team


The Dean's Team is a 2-credit CDCI highly selective internship which takes place in the fall semester for Binghamton University undergraduate students of all class years. Dean's Team interns host programming and outreach initiatives on behalf of the Dean of Students Office, as well as partner offices and organizations. Class time (1 hour a week) is spent on learning elements of leadership and event planning. 

Participating in the Dean's Team is a valuable opportunity for enhancing leadership and professional development, building upon individual strengths, and learning how to serve as a high-quality member of a team. Internship hours are based on event participation, tabling, and projects designed by the students themselves. After finishing the internship in fall, students are given the option to continue on the team for the spring semester.

How to apply

Undergraduate students can apply for the Dean's Team internship online via hireBING.

Internship objectives

  • Teach students about the functional areas and vision of the Offices of the Dean of Students.
  • Provide activities and discussions that lead to an examination and analysis of self and promotes self-understanding as it relates to leadership.
  • Provide activities and discussions that lead to an examination and analysis of others and promotes greater understanding of others as it relates to leadership.
  • Provide information and activities designed to promote specific skill development as it relates to leadership and event planning.
  • Provide opportunities for students to plan outreach events for the student body on topics related to the vision of the Offices of the Dean of Students.

Classroom learning outcomes

Students will:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of leadership foundational theories and models.
    • Recognize a variety of leadership theories.
    • Demonstrate the ability to use theories in the practice of leadership.
  • Cultivate a sense of self-awareness through identifying a leadership vision, mission, style and values.
    • Identify their personal values.
    • Understand how to lead with accountability.
    • Recognize that leadership is a lifelong learning process.
  • Exhibit knowledge and awareness of diversity around identities, cultures, and society.
    • Expand on knowledge of human differences.
    • Develop an appreciation and sensitivity to human differences.
    • How to lead with an understanding of human difference.
  • Demonstrate communication skills and the ability to interrelate with others.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics and patterns of followership.
    • Illustrate effective verbal and written communication skills.
    • Distinguish ways to adjust one’s leadership style appropriate to the situation.
    • Display critical thinking skills and abilities to lead others toward common goals.
  • Gain knowledge of the steps for effective event planning.
    • Demonstrate a knowledge of steps to event planning.
    • Produce three events over the course of the semester utilizing skills learned.

Testimonials from former Dean's Team students

Not only did being on the Dean's Team teach me about professionalism and event planning, but it also taught me to embrace and take advantage of my strengths. I made 8 amazing friends, and many connections with them and our Professor. Through this internship I was able to grow, network, and have fun!

– Sarin Grey

The Dean's Team provided me with a unique opportunity to get to know a little bit more about the Dean of Students Office, the services it provides, and the people working hard to make students' experiences at Binghamton as positive as possible. The internship also helped me to further develop my leadership skills and identify my individual strengths while building lasting relationships with other student leaders!

– Emily Faso

Past projects

  • Homecoming Tailgate and Office Decorating
  • Food Pantry Volunteering / Chow Walk Participation
  • Outreach Programming
  • De-Stress December Events (e.g. Dean & Donuts)