Practice Center

Preparing for patient contact

The first preparation for patient care begins in the Innovative Practice Center with the course Nursing 321: Nursing Assessment of Clients. Prior to first patient contact, students in Nursing 321 learn and refine patient assessment techniques, as well as taking vital signs, performing sterile dressing changes and providing comfort care. This course establishes a solid foundation for safe patient care.

Students continue their education with frequent visits to the Innovative Practice Center as the curriculum progresses, practicing safe medication administration and important clinical skills that complement course content.

Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences is equipped with many task trainers and low-fidelity manikins to help students practice clinical skills safely and gain confidence.

Additional technology provides students with diverse ways to learn material. Skills videos, online lecture materials and clinical decision-making software are just some of the ways students can learn at Decker.

Assessment kits available from MDF Instruments

MDF offers a complete assessment kit at a discount for Decker students, and 10% of every purchase from MDF is donated back to Decker.

Undergrad MDF instruments and supplies 

Graduate MDF instruments and supplies