Simulation Center

Simulation enhances learning

Simulation is used at all levels of nursing education and enhances student confidence and ability. Practice makes perfect. And practicing in a safe environment, without the fear of causing pain or injury to a patient, fosters confidence and skill acquisition that can't be achieved through clinical experiences alone.

Simulation training was a very important part of my education. In the clinical setting, I've had many experiences for which I was prepared by my Decker training."
–Antoinette Dingle '15, Fort Sam Houston Brooke Amy Medical Center

At the undergraduate level, students first become familiar with assessment skills and clinical nursing skills. Simulation of these critical components of nursing success provides a strong foundation for future clinical experiences. As students progress through their clinical rotations, simulations are designed to challenge students to think critically and respond to increasingly complex patient situations.

With simulation, Decker College is able to ensure each undergraduate student has the opportunity to experience clinical scenarios that may be off-limits to them in the hospital. Because simulation offers practicing of skills in a safe environment, students enter their clinical sites more confident. The breadth of scenarios offered means our students are better prepared when they graduate.

Graduate students use simulation to practice and evaluate communication and advanced-practice clinical skills. Simulation activities include virtual patient scenarios, online skills based training, and in-person standardized patients. Video recording of various assignments allows the students to reflect on strengths and weaknesses for personal growth.