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About The Discovery Program

1. What is Discovery?

The Discovery Program is a student-centered service that offers peer-to-peer academic success coaching. It aims to create opportunities for students to enhance the quality of their undergraduate experience, and encourages students to seek the vast resources available on campus to aid in their holistic development. Our professional staff, graduate student assistants, and peer advisors (DAs) provide easy access to one-on-one meetings through appointments and walk-in hours, as well as through programming and outreach events. Its administrative offices are located in Appalachian Hall, Mountanview Community, however Discovery's services extend into all residential communities. 

2. What are Discovery’s Core Services?

  • Academic Success Coaching. Our undergraduate Discovery Advisors (DAs) and our Graduate Student Assistants facilitate academic success coaching on topics such as note taking and study skills, connecting with academic support resources across campus, organizational and time management skills, how to navigate the systems at Binghamton such as Starfish, College Scheduler, BU Brain, etc.
  • Supplemental Instruction. Supplemental Instruction is facilitated group study by undergraduate students (SIs) who have previously taken the course and excelled in academically. We arrange for SIs to be available to aid in academic success for classes that students traditionally find challenging. With the instructor’s permission, the SIs sit in on the course that which they are providing supplemental instruction for, and provide a collaborative study group environment on a weekly basis. They also coordinate review sessions around exam times.
  • Mentor Advising Connection Initiative. This is a program in collaboration with our campus partners in School of Management and Watson School of Engineering to assist students in academic difficulty.

3. Who are Discovery Advisors?

Discovery Advisors (DAs) are undergraduate student leaders that assist students with developing effective time management, study, and note-taking skills. 

 4. Who are Graduate Student Organizational/Academic Success Coaches?

 Organizational/Academic Success Coaches are graduate students who provide assistance to students through the Early Academic Alert System, students on academic probation, and students requesting organizational coaching.

 5. What is the Early Academic Alert System?

Faculty submit early semester grades for students struggling in their course. Graduate student academic success coaches meet with these students to discuss ways of enhancing study and time management skills to help improve their path to success.

6. What is Organizational Coaching?

Our graduate student organizational/academic success coaches assist students in managing academic, social and other time commitments, breaking the cycle of procrastination, and the stress it causes, providing instruction on specific study techniques based on learning style , setting goals and learning how to develop a clear plan to achieve academic goals.

7. What is the Mentor Advising Connection Program?

The Mentor Advising Connection (MAC) Program is a partnership with SOM and Watson Academic Advising Offices to assist students on academic probation. Students who participate in the MAC Program meet throughout the semester with a graduate student academic success coach to establish more effective strategies to get back on track both academically and personally. 

8. What is a Discovery Success Center?

A student’s “primary resource for information” – information on campus activities, academics, and career exploration – a first step to get his/her questions answered. 

There are also Discovery Advisors who reach out to Binghamton Advantage Program (BAP), transfer, international and commuter students to serve as a key first resource.

9. Where are the Discovery Success Centers located?

Mountainview Community| Appalachian Hall room G17
Dickinson and Newing Communities | Chenango-Champlain Collegiate Center (C4)
Hinman Community |Hinman Library
College-in-the-Woods | CIW Library Room 204 

 10. How can I find out more information on the Discovery Program?

Stop by one of the Success Centers listed above or the administrative offices located in the Mountainview Community, Appalachian Hall room 104, contact us by email: or ask any of the Discovery Advisors.

Last Updated: 9/13/19