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Who are Discovery Advisors?

Discovery Advisors (DAs) are motivated, creative, and academically successful student leaders whose primary responsibility is coaching their peers to achieve academic success. These students work in closely with several offices on campus including: each of the five schools’ undergraduate advising offices, and many of the Division of Student Affairs offices such as the International Student Scholar Services and Services for Students with Disabilities.


Discovery Advisors assist students in developing effective strategies in such areas as: study skills, time management, and note-taking. They encourage students at all levels to explore and utilize the services available to them across campus, including but not limited to, the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development, The Public Speaking Center, The Undergradaute Research Center, The Writing Center, Undergraduate Academic Advising offices, Tutorial Services, etc.  They also serve as a resource to promote the experiential learning opportunities offered by The Center for Civic Engagement, International Education and Global Initiatives, the National Student Exchange (NSE), etc. 


DAs are accessible through the Student Success Network available on the myBinghamton student portal.

Meet The Student Staff

Graduate Student Organizational/Academic Success Coaches



Ben Levy | 
Undergraduate Program:  Accounting with a concentration in Finance 
Graduate Program: Accounting and Finance 



Kayla Krause |
Graduate Program: Student Affairs Administration  



Sheontee Cochrane |
Undergraduate Program: Human Development 
Graduate Program: Public Administration 



Zachary Dyer |
Undergraduate Program: Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Program: Business Administration


Discovery Peer Advisors and Supplemental Instructors



Alec Kranyak |
Year: Senior 
Major: Philosophy, Politics and Law + Harpur Fast-Track MBA 



Brian Pyrce |
Supplemental Instruction Leader (ECON 162)
Year: Junior
Major: Accounting with a Concentration in MIS



Bynn Lee |
Year: Senior 
Major: Computer Science and Mathematics 



Cailyn O'Shea |
Year: Senior 
Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing 



Cassie Vacco | 
Year: Senior
Major: Nursing



Danielle Horner |                                      
Year: Senior                                                                                                         
Major: Biology                                                                                              
Minor: Italian



Deborah Siegel |
Year: Senior 
Major: Human Development



Heath Larssan |
Year: Senior
Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information



Heather Cazes |
Supplemental Instruction Leader (BIOL 114)
Year: Senior
Major : Integrative Neuroscience
Minor: Visual Arts



Isha Kumar |
Year: Senior
Major: Politics, Philosophy and Law; and Economics



Jason Lin |
Year: Senior
Major: Accounting with a Concentration in Finance and Management Information Systems


Jessica Coles |
Year: Junior 
Major: Psychology (Pre-PA)



John Russo |
Supplemental Instruction Leader (PSYC 243) 
Year: Junior 
Major: Business Administration 


Juliet Buddiga |
Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Studies and Philosophy Politics & Law



Kat Devine |
Year: Senior 
Major: Nursing



Lexie Tillman |      
Year: Senior 
Major: Business Administration with concentrations in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics



Liam Connor |
Year: Senior 
Major: Electrical Engineering



Meghan Walia |
Year: Senior
Major: Accounting with a Concentration in Management Information Systems



Natalia Jurek |
Year: Junior 
Major: English 



Nava Wasser |
Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Economics
Minors:  Spanish and Health & Wellness



Olivia Rogers |
Supplemental Instruction Leader (PSYC 243)
Year: Senior
Major: Integrative Neuroscience
Minor: Education 



Ryan Roselli |
Supplemental Instruction Leader (ECON 162)
Year: Junior 
Majors: Business Administration with a concentration in Leadership & Consulting and Integrative Neuroscience


Samantha B

Samantha Blasetti |
Year: Junior 
Major: Psychology



Solomon Barer |
Year: Junior
Major: Industrial and Systems Science Engineering



Tao Jiang |
Year: Junior 
Major: Accounting



Victoria Manvelian |
Year: Senior 
Major: Financial Economics



Zaha Rao |
Year: Junior
Major: Biology 

Last Updated: 10/21/19