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Academic Alert System

At any point in the semester, but preferably as early as possible, faculty will submit alerts on struggling students, typically those who are at a level of C- or lower. We are targeting students who are not part of EOP, ELI, ISSS, Student Athlete Success Center, and TRiO/SSS and, consequently, who would not otherwise be contacted to meet with an advisor to get appropriate help. Discovery does work closely with all of the academic advising offices as well.

How will you be contacted?

Students who have been identified by their instructor(s) regarding concerns about their progress will be emailed by the Discovery Program to make an appointment with one of our graduate student academic success coaches to discuss an effective plan of action.

We will address study habits, time management, taking advantage of all of the course specific resources (e.g. Calc help room, Chem help room, etc.), and getting the student signed up for a tutor through University Tutorial Services, which is located in the College in the Woods Library.

Can you contact the Discovery Program to set up a meeting even if you did NOT get contacted through the Academic Alert System?

YES! If you are feeling frustrated with your grades, worried about failing, have low motivation, missing classes, late with assignments and are just struggling a bit, PLEASE contact the Discovery Program and set up a time to meet with us! 

Last Updated: 4/27/18