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Mentor Advising Connection Initiative:

This program, which is a collaborative effort between the Discovery Program and the SOM and Watson Academic Advising Offices, targets students on academic probation. Students are identified and contacted to meet and work closely with professional academic advisors and graduate student mentors to establish strategies for academic success throughout the semester.

What kind of commitment will you need to make to this program?

  1. Meet with your school/college academic advisor at the beginning of the semester
  2. Meet with your assigned graduate academic mentor at least twice a semester, one of which will be to discuss your mid-semester grades and instructor evaluations
  3. Complete an academic motivation inventory to assess your current outlook as a student at BU
  4. Identify areas for improvement, set specific goals, and determine concrete steps to improve academic performance
  5. Meet with your professors (as needed) to assess your progress in classes
  6. Complete a brief exit inventory based on your experience and progress this semester

Will this program help you?

Yes. We are here to assist you. If you are on academic probation, this is simply to help assess your current status and outline what you will need to do to get off academic probation. The advisors will be able to establish a plan specific to you and your needs, and keep you on track. By being a part of this program you will also receive Mid-term evaluations from your instructors, so you are able to gauge where you stand in a class half way through the semester, something that the most of our student body does not receive.

Last Updated: 9/26/16