Binghamton University

Campus Climate Survey

We're not talking about the weather... it is a first step in a journey towards a more diverse and inclusive campus community. The term "campus climate" is used to describe a measure of the campus environment as it relates to interpersonal, academic and professional interactions. It includes attitudes, interpersonal experiences, and behaviors which affect the campus community as a whole.

The Campus Climate Survey is a University wide survey initiative implemented by the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • The purpose of the survey is to help us evaluate the current campus climate regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • The survey will examine the current attitudes, behaviors and standards of our students, faculty, and staff concerning the level of respect on campus for individual needs, abilities and potential.
  • It is confidential and participation is optional.

Please note that this survey is not a mechanism to report a formal complaint to the university. Contact ODEI &/or Human Resources at 607-777-4775 or 607-777-2187.

Complete the survey and enter in for a chance to win some great prizes:                           

  • iPad
  • Campus Barnes & Noble Gift Card
  • Binghamton BUC$
  • 2014-15 Season Tickets to BU Bearcats Men's & Women's Basketball
  • Parking Garage Access Cards
  • Student Organization Grant

Survey closed on April 30, 2014

Last Updated: 11/11/15