DEI provides a variety of reporting forms to better serve the needs of our campus constituents in the reporting of isolation and mistreatment in the work environment and classrooms, requests for reasonable accommodations and in the execution of fair and equitable search processes.

Bias Incident Reporting Form (review procedures)

Reasonable Accommodations Form

Discrimination Complaint Form (review procedures)

Search Committee Forms

Part I - Notice of Vacancy and Recruitment Plan

Part IIa - Pre-screening/Remote Inquiry Approval

Part IIb - Approval for Campus Interviews

Part III - Recommendation of Finalist

Final Determination

Important Update
The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has a new requirement for all open searches. In Interview Exchange (IE) disposition codes for each applicant and notes must be completed for each search. Approvals for hires and closing out searches will depend on the completion of these sections.

Administrative Assistant, Kate Hastings, is available for questions and assistance (; 74775).

This requirement is effective immediately.

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