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Search Process Review and Forms

Binghamton University and the Research Foundation of SUNY are employers who conduct business with the United States Federal Government, filing funding requests in excess of $1,000,000. DEI enforces the provisions of Executive Order 11246 as amended with oversight provided by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. DEI strives to educate the campus constituency at Binghamton University about the importance of non-discriminatory practices and employ policy and changes that encourage diversity and fairness in our search processes and foster a community throughout our campus that fosters civility and an increase in productivity that indemnifies our status as a premier institution of higher education.

Search Process Review

Diversity recruitment and hiring is an integral part of Binghamton University's strategic priority to foster a campus that is more diverse, equitable and inclusive. To assist in achieving these aims, DEI has created the following resources to help guide hiring officers and search committee members.

Search committees are encouraged to meet with the Department Chair to communicate to the entire committee what skill sets will be sought in the search process. This is also a great meeting to determine a potential list of questions to be asked of each candidate based on what are essential skill sets for the position. These skill sets should also be apparent in the required and preferred skills listed in the job description. A comprehensive job description, skill set checklist, an EEOC/AA statement, list of venues by which the search will be publicized, should be submitted to DEI along with the Part I, Notice of Vacancy Form.

Important Update

Please note that disposition codes for each applicant and notes must be completed for each search in Interview Exchange (IE). Approvals for hires and closing out searches will depend on the completion of these sections.

For questions or assistance on the search review process, please contact the division at or 607-777-4775.

Search Forms

  • Part I - Notice of Vacancy and Recruitment Plan

    Search Committees will meet to determine a finalized list of questions for the skype or phone interviews, which is the first round of interviewing for committees. Committees will utilize Interview Exchange to review entire applications provided by candidates. Once a select pool of candidates have been determined, the committee will then submit the Part IIA Form to DEI.

    Part I - Notice of Vacancy and Recruitment Plan

  • Part IIa – Pre-screening/Remote Inquiry Approval

    Once DEI returns approval of the Part IIA Form, the committee will conduct the first set of interviews, where applicable. All candidates must be asked the same questions and have the same interview structure. Once all interviews are completed at this stage, the committee will submit the Part IIB Form which will indicate a smaller pool of candidates to bring to campus.

    Part IIa – Pre-screening/Remote Inquiry Approval

  • Part IIb - Approval for Campus Interviews

    Once all campus interviews are completed, the search will reconvene to recommend a hire to the Department Chair. Committees are encouraged to provide evaluations to all parts of the campus interview since they are often public components of each interview. Anyone who observes an interview could submit an evaluation to the committee. All evaluations, along with the recommendation of the committee should be forwarded, in order to the Department Chair. Those recommendations are listed on the Part III Form and submitted to DEI for approval before an offer is extended to the candidate(s).

    Part IIb - Approval for Campus Interviews

  • Part III - Recommendation of Finalist

    Once DEI has approved the Part III Form, the Committee Chair or Department Chair may contact the candidate(s) to make a hiring offer. The final determination(s) are sent to DEI for approval.

    Part III - Recommendation of Finalist

  • Part IV - Final Determination Form

    At this stage, the search will either close successfully or will fail (indicating a hire will not result in the search). The Search Chair may consult with DEI to provide recommendations moving forward for a failed search.

    Part IV - Final Determination Form

Additional Notes

  • DEI approval at the Part I and Part IV stage are moved immediately to the Office of Human Resources.
  • DEI maintains the affirmative action function of the university and reserves the right to inquire at every stage of a search, halt or close a search at any stage.
  • DEI manages data about its searches, specifically in regard to its intervention at each stage, racial/ethnicity composition of each search and the gender composition of each search.
  • DEI requires faculty and staff who are serving or interested in serving on university searches to attend our Search Committee Orientation workshops listed under Professional Development & Trainings.
  • Visit Human Resources / Interview Exchange for Employment Opportunities at Binghamton University.

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