Ford Family Wellness Center

Artists rendering of the Ford Family Wellness Center in Johnson City, N.Y.
Binghamton University's Decker School of Nursing is creating the Ford Family Wellness Center in Johnson City, N.Y., near the University's Health Sciences Campus, where the Decker School will relocate in fall 2020.  The center will provide healthcare and health and wellness services to seniors in the community through a collaborative partnership with Lourdes Hospital.


The Ford Family Wellness Center will be located at the corner of Jennison and Corliss avenues in Johnson City.

Estimated completion 

The center is expected to open in fall 2020.  

Funding provided by a gift

The Ford Family Wellness Center is being established thanks to a $1.5 million gift from Anne A. Hubbard. Caring for the elderly in the community and educating those committed to senior care have special meaning for the benefactor and her family.

Check out our construction progress

Existing clinic before demolition

Demolition of the existing clinic