Decker nursing faculty

Geraldine (Gerri) R. Avidano Britton is a research assistant professor at the Decker School of Nursing. She received a 2012 Research Mentor Award from the Eastern Nurses Research Society and was a 2005 recipient of the Distinguished Dissertation Award in Social Sciences, Management, Education and Nursing, Binghamton University.


  • BSN, Hunter College, CUNY
  • MSN in maternal-child health, University of Wisconsin, Madison 
  • FNP certification, Binghamton University, SUNY
  • PhD in rural health nursing, Binghamton University

Research interests

  • Founder and coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Program (ITURP)
  • Maternal child health issues: Smoking cessation in pregnancy
  • Assessment of tobacco use: self-report and biomarkers of nicotine
  • Women's health issues: Osteoporosis
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration: effects of plantar stimulation on peripheral neuropathy

Selected publications

  • Britton, G. R., Collier, R., McKitrick, S., Sprague, L. M., Rhodes-Keefe, J., Feeney, A., & James, G.D. (2017). CE: Original Research: The experiences of pregnant smokers and their providers. American Journal of Nursing, 117(6). 24-34
  • Feeney, A. & Britton, G. (2016). Counseling postpartum women on smoking relapse prevention. MCN, the American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing, 21(5), 287-292.
  • Britton, G. R., James, G. D, Collier, R., Sprague, L. M. & Brinthaupt, J. (2013). The effects of smoking cessation and a programme intervention on birth and other perinatal outcomes among rural pregnant smokers. Annals of Human Biology, 40, 256-265.
  • James, G. D., Britton, G. R., Sobczak, J., Rhodes-Keefe, J., Sprague, L., & Gueldner, S.H. (2012). A pilot randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial of a multi-step herbal program for assisting smokers to quit. Journal of Addictions Nursing, 23(4), 231-240.
  • Duffy, E., Britton, G. A., Stucke, S., Collier, R., & Gueldner, S. H. (2012). Osteoporosis. In J.J. Fitzpatrick & M. W. Kazer (Eds.). Encyclopedia of Nursing Research. New York: Springer Publishing Company.
  • Gueldner, S.H., Britton G.R., Madhavan, G., Pierce, C., Grabo, T., Penrod, J., Stucke, S., & Liu, C.F. (2008). Ultrasonometric profiling of incidence and risk of osteoporosis in rural women, Journal of Women and Aging, 20(1/2).
  • Britton, G. R. A., & Anselmi, K. K. (2008). Health policy and insurance reimbursement. In Gueldner, S.H., Grabo, T., Cooper, D. & Newman, E. (Eds). Osteoporosis: Clinical Protocols for Management and Prevention, New York: Springer Publishing Company.
  • Britton, G.R.A., Brinthaupt, J.A., Stehle, J.M., & James, G.D. (2006). The effectiveness of a nurse-managed perinatal smoking cessation program implemented in a rural county. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 8(1), 135-140.
  • Britton, G. R. A., Brinthaupt, J.A., Stehle, J.M., & James, G. D. (2004). Comparison of self- reported smoking and urinary cotinine levels: How reliable are self-reports on smoking status in a rural pregnant population? Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing, 33(3):306-311.
  • Britton, G.R.A., & Walsh, N. (1998). Smoke Free-Baby and Me Kit and Calendar.
  • Britton, G.A. (1998). A review of women and tobacco: Have we come such a long way?Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing, 27 (3), 241-249.

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