Decker nursing staff

Patrick Leiby has worked in the media field since 1998. He holds a baccalaureate degree in media studies from Buffalo University and has worked for CNBC, Court TV, TLC and on independent films. 

He has a strong background creating rich media and using online technologies to enhance the learning experience of students and creating compelling course content. He is experienced in all stages of media production including educational, training, marketing and promotional.

His current focus is collaborating with faculty and staff to provide expertise in developing high-quality, technology-rich, instructional and promotional content. He actively blends that with expertise in simulation technology to facilitate learners in acquiring knowledge, skills and competencies in an effective and appealing manner.


  • Lead production of media-rich lecture materials for distance and hybrid learning, including 300 videos for more than 50 different courses
  • Consulting on the development of campus-wide video policies and procedures
  • Lead production of more than 80 training and promotional videos
  • Expertise and support with media production for staff and faculty campus wide
  • Expertise and support with simulation technology for faculty and staff campus wide
  • Developed Decker School of Nursing website