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ECE Graduate Admissions Requirements

Application Deadlines

To be considered for funding, all application materials must be received before January 15 for fall admission and October 15 for spring admission.  For applicants who are not requesting to be considered for funding, we have a rolling admission process and will continue to review applications until near the beginning of classes.

Admission Requirements for MSEE  Program

The three key requirements for admission are listed below:

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering requires the GRE scores from all international applicants and domestic students* not graduating from an ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accredited engineering program.  The minimum acceptable Quantitative GRE score is 155 or 700 but preferably above 750.  In addition, the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Test Service) is required of all international applicants whose native language is not English. The minimum acceptable TOEFL score is 550 for the paper-based exam, or 213 for the computer-based exam, or 80 for the internet-based exam, the minimum acceptable IELTS score is 6.5 with no individual band score below 5.0 and the PTE exam score requirement is 53.  A score of 100 or above on the TOEFL is preferred for students seeking teaching assistantships.  

*Note that domestic applicants (also those with non-engineering backgrounds but strong credentials in related fields) may petition to be evaluated without the GRE scores.  Such requests should be submitted in writing with the application.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)

A master's applicant must have a BSEE or BSCE degree with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher on a scale of 4.0. A student with an undergraduate degree in a field different from electrical and computer engineering is expected to have a bachelor of science degree in a related field. All students are expected to have the equivalent of the courses listed in the following content areas: calculus through differential equations, computer programming, electrical circuits (EECE 260), electronics (EECE 315), digital logic design (EECE 251), and laboratory experience.


*Note that applicants with undergraduate (BSEE) GPAs less than 3.0, who are otherwise considered acceptable, are sometimes admitted on a Conditional Matriculation basis, whereby they are expected to complete their first semester in the master's program with a GPA of 3.0 or better in order for their status to be changed to Full Matriculation.  Full matriculation status shall not be granted until the master's GPA requirement of 3.0 or better is achieved.


If your BS Degree is not in ECE

In addition, a student whose undergraduate degree was not in electrical and computer engineering needs to complete acceptable courses.  

Both EE and CoE students must complete:

 • Electrical Circuits (EECE 260)

 • Signal Processing (EECE 301)


Students specializing in EE need:

(Choose 2 out of the 5 listed below:)

 • Electronics (EECE 315),

 • Control Systems (EECE 361)

 • Solid State Theory (EECE 332)

 • Data Structures (CS 240)

 • Communication Systems (EECE 377)


 Students specializing in CoE need:


 • Sophomore Design (EECE 287) (Embedded Computer Systems)

(Choose 2 out of the 4 listed below:)

 • Digital Logic Design (EECE 251)

 • Data Structures (CS 240)

 • Digital Systems (EECE 351)

 • Computer Architecture (EECE 352)

*Note also that applicants with non-EE undergraduate or graduate backgrounds, who do not adequately fulfill the background equivalents listed above, are also admitted on a Conditional Matriculation basis, whereby they are required to take undergraduate courses and receive a B or better average in the courses in order for their status to be changed to Full Matriculation. Full matriculation status shall not be granted until the additional course requirements are adequately fulfilled.Finally, note that the University will not grant a degree until a student acquires full matriculation status.


Letters of Recommendation

All master's applicants must arrange to have at least two letters of recommendation submitted by individuals familiar with their professional background and qualifications. Typically, at least one letter should be written by a faculty member from the applicant's undergraduate academic major/program.


Admission Requirements for PhD Program

Applications received for the PhD program are administratively divided into three categories. These are: (i) currently enrolled students who are about to complete a MSEE at Binghamton University; (ii) other students who have completed or are about to complete an MSEE degree elsewhere; and (iii) exceptional students completing their baccalaureate degree with a cumulative GPA above 3.5/4.0.

Students in the first category, i.e., in their last semester of the MSEE program, can apply for the PhD program by requesting admission in a letter sent to the ECE Graduate Director. The letter requesting admission should include a general statement of research interest. In addition, the student must submit a letter of recommendation from a prospective advisor expressing a willingness to advise the student.

Applicants with degrees in fields other than electrical and computer engineering will be considered for admission but at the beginning of their degree program may be required to complete a selection of courses to provide the needed foundation for research in ECE areas; these cases are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Students who have completed a Master's degree, or are about to complete one at another university, may apply to the EE PhD program by submitting a completed application and application fee to the Graduate Admissions Office. Application forms are available at:

The application must include all transcripts, GRE scores, TOEFL, IELTS or PTE score if English is a second language, two letters of recommendation and a statement of research interests. The academic credentials of Binghamton University master's graduates are on file, and hence they do not need to be resubmitted with the application.

Exceptional baccalaureate students with a GPA above 3.5 in their BSEE program are eligible for direct admission to the PhD program. Students in this category must complete a minimum of 16 graduate courses including no more than four independent study courses.  These students should complete an on-line application on the Graduate Admissions web site. The items listed in the preceding paragraph must be submitted to Interfolio. If the student is a current or former Binghamton University student, that student should contact the ECE department for special instructions. The student must indicate on the application that he/she is applying for the MS/PhD or the PhD program.

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