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Distance Learning

EngiNet Courses are available each semester.  They are listed as section 20 along with the regular classes on BU Brain.  Click the link to the Dynamic Course Schedule under Program Details.

Currently our department is in the process of completing the online curriculum; a committee is working toward this goal. To date, we have several courses offered online, but not all the courses. However, our department allows a flexible road map matching each individual case. For example, for courses that are not available, sometimes the student can take it as independent study. Therefore, If you are a student who is also working a full-time job, I would like to encourage you start from the available courses. We can work out a solution to help you succeed.  Please contact the ECE Graduate Director or the ECE Graduate Secretary if you would like to discuss taking a course remotely that is not offered as a distance course. 

Last Updated: 5/24/16