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Professor Fridrich

Jessica Fridrich

Distinguished Professor

IEEE Fellow

PhD - Binghamton University

Office Location: ES-2326
Phone: (607) 777-6177


Google Scholar:

Distinguished Professor


Accomplishments/Achievements: Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities, 2006-2007; Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Inventor, 2002


Fridrich - Steganography  

Steganography in Digital Media

 Principles, Algorithms, and Applications 

 Author : Jessica Fridrich  

 Publisher : Cambridge University Press (December  21, 2009)

Research/Teaching Focus:

Steganography and steganalysis of digital images, digital forensics, signal estimation and detection, machine learning

"Uncovering Secret Messages" - Professor Jessica Fridrich

(Specializing in all aspects of information hiding in digital imagery, including watermarking for authentication, tamper detection, self-embedding, robust watermarking, steganography and steganalysis, forensic analysis of digital images (detection of forgeries) and advanced image processing and encryption techniques. My earlier research interests were in chaotic nonlinear dynamical systems and dynamical systems modeling.)

Pictures hold a hidden story

Special Recognitions:

Announced by the IEEE Board of Directors, Jessica Fridrich has been elevated to IEEE Fellow for "contributions to digital media forensics, steganography, and steganalysis."

The following paper by Jessica Fridrich and one of her former PhD students, Tomas Penvy, has been selected for the 2015 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award:

Tomás Pevný, Patrick Bas, and Jessica Fridrich, "Steganalysis by Subtractive Pixel Adjacency Matrix" IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, Volume 5, No. 2, June 2010

The prestigious award will be presented at a ceremony that will be held in at the 41st IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing in March.

Her research has also been mentioned in the movie "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt."

Pictures hold a hidden story

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