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Zhanpeng Jin: Articles about his research on Brainwaves to become our passwords


Brain's reaction to certain words could replace passwords

Research & Development Magazine 06/03/2015

"In 'Brainprint,' a newly published study in Neurocomputing, researchers from Binghamton University, New York observed the brain signals of 45 volunteers as they read a list of 75 acronyms, such as FBI and DVD..."

This article was also published in The Engineer, EurekAlert!, Business Standard, Big News Network, Science 2.0, Science Newsline, Health Medicine Network, Science Codex, and


Researchers Propose 'Brainprints' to Replace Fingerprints for Authentication

NDTV Gadgets 06/03/2015

"...The results suggest that brainwaves could be used by security systems to verify a person's identity...."


Could "brainprints" replace passwords, fingerprints and retinal scans?

Gizmag 06/03/2015

"...Despite there being simple techniques for creating difficult-to-crack passwords that are easy to remember... the two most common passwords remain '12345' and 'password'..."


How your next password could be your brain

Naked Security 05/21/15

"...The difference between the volunteers' brain reactions was enough for the system to pinpoint their identities with accuracy of up to 94%..."


End of passwords? Our brain activity might be all we need to unlock websites, bank accounts

Tech Times 06/03/2015

"...Laszlo's colleague Zhanpeng Jin, a professor at the university's Computer and Electrical Engineering departments, says although a security system based on brainwaves might not be something widely utilized in low-security situations, it might have significant government or military uses..."


Passwords could soon make way for brainwaves

One News Page 06/03/2015

"'s much more secure than any normal password. It would be extremely difficult for anyone to replicate someone's brain signals, and if they manage it the system could be cancelled immediately..."


Zhanpeng Jin's video on WBNG


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