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ISSS Forms

The forms listed below are on the ISSS (International Students and Scholars Services) website. (connect to the link above this sentence) Below is a brief summary. Please see ISSS for details about each form.

CPT - Academic Advisors Recommendation Form for Curricular Practical Training

  • must be connected to credits for which the student is registered
  • must be directly related to major program of student's study
  • apply for CPT at least 2 weeks before the start date
  • the student must have completed 2 full semesters before doing CPT
  • the student must have an offer letter

OPT - Academic Advisor's Recommendation for Optional Practical Training

  • OPT can be used after student graduates.
  • Students must have an offer letter and must be registered for 2 consecutive semesters before OPT.
  • There is a charge that ISSS will give you information about and government processing takes about 10-12 weeks.
  • You can graduate with each degree and do OPT after BS, again after MS and again after PhD. Special time frames are connected with OPT STEM (additional 17 months allowed)
  • Directions on ISSS website

RCL - Request for Reduced Course Load

For students with F1 Visa there are 3 types of requests for reduced course load: academic difficulties, completion of study and medical condition. When using the form for completion of study, please be aware if you have completed your coursework, you can fill out an ECE form for full-time certification and use GRD 700 or 701 credits to make up the number you need beyond your project, thesis or dissertation credits-there is no charge for GRD 700 or 701 credits

A student who files an RCL in their final semester is not at a disadvantage in any way. That said, they have to be sure that they are going to graduate that semester (otherwise the RCL for the final semester would be moot). So, when grad students are working on something such as thesis/final project/dissertation, the use of full-time certification credits is often preferred, which allows for greater flexibility. However, for undergraduates who are in their final semester, or grad students who are confident that they are graduating, the RCL is the way to go.

Last Updated: 3/15/18