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Market Candidates 2017-2018

Placement Director
Susan Wolcott
Phone: 607-777-2339 

Portrait of Andrew Verdon

Andrew Verdon

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Job Market Paper: "Explaining School Attainment: A Human Capital Approach"
References: Solomon Polachek (Chair), Mingmei  Jones, David Slichter
Research Interests: Economics of Education, Labor Economics

Portrait of Minjie Huang

Minjie Huang

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Job Market Paper:  "Estimating Economic Impact of Online Product Review: A Case Study on Tmall"
References: Andreas Pape (Chair), Solomon Polachek, Susan Wolcott, Neha Khanna (Teaching Reference)
Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Agent-bsed Modeling, Industrial Organization


Leila Salarpour Goodarzi

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Job Market Paper: "Mahr and Divorce: An Islamic Marriage Concept and Its Effects on Intrahousehold Bargaining Power of Couples"
References:  Solomon W. Polachek (Chair), Andreas Pape, David Slichter, Ritam Chaurey
Research Interests: Laboor Economics, Development Economics, Applied Micro Economics

Binish Rijal photo

Binish Rijal

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Job Market Paper: "High Priority Violations and Intra-firm Pollution Substitution"
References: Neha Khanna (Chair), Ritam Chaurey, David Slichter, Andreas Pape (Teaching reference)
Research Interests:  Applied Microeconomics, Environmental Economics, Development Economics

Huiting Tian photo

Huiting Tian

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Job Market Paper: "How to Survive and Compete: the Impact of Information Asymmetry on Productivity"
References: Subal Kumbhakar (Chair), Bong Joon Yoon, Kai Sun, Barry Jones (Teaching reference)
Research Interests: Applied Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics, Environmental Economics, Financial Economics

Huiting Tian photo

Agnitra Roy Choudhury

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Job Market Paper: "Paid Family Leave and Parental Investment in Child Health: Breastfeeding and Vaccination Timing"
References:  Polachek (Chair), Slichter, Chaurey, Andreas Pape (Teaching reference)
Research Interests: Health Economics, Labor Market Decisions, Gender

Shivi Kalra

Shivi Kalra

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Job Market Paper: "Modeling Social Learning as Epidemics Using Twitter Data"
References:  Xiao (Chair), Jones, Kuhn
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Econometrics

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