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Combined Five Year Program in Economics and Finance

The five-year program in economics and finance offers majors the opportunity to enhance their training with master’s-level courses in economics and in finance, completing both the BS in economics with a specialization in financial economics and the MA in financial economic analysis in five years. To allow completion of both degrees in five years, ECON 502 and ECON 504, taken in the senior year, will substitute for ECON 466 and ECON 467. Credit for these courses will be applied to both programs.

Students may apply to the department for admission to the five-year program in the second semester of their third year. Admission to the fifth year is by application to the Graduate School and is conditional on earning an average GPA of 3.0 in the two graduate courses taken in the fourth year.

Student Perspectives

Vanessa Olivio

Vanessa Olivo

Vanessa Olivo is a Binghamton University Student in the 5 year Accelerated Program in Economics. From which she will a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Financial Economics. Recently her student perspective was featured by the University read it by clicking the link below.



Last Updated: 12/20/18