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Why Major in Economics

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Program Overview

The Economics Department offers a BA, three BS degrees, a 4+1 accelerated MA in Economics (available to students in the BS in Financial Economics) and a minor. The BA provides undergraduates with comprehensive exposure to the principles and tools of economics. BS degrees with specializations in economic analysis, financial economics and economic policy analysis offer more focused curricula for undergraduates planning advanced study or careers in economics, financial analysis or government.

Economics majors gain a wide range of skills that are easily transferable, including an ability to think analytically and logically, perform well in written and oral expression and conduct quantitative research. These skills enable students to pursue careers in a variety of fields.

Although various roles in business are most common, economics majors are successful in law, medicine, government, nonprofits and international relations, as well as in academic roles. Read more about careers for economics majors.

Last Updated: 1/18/19