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Bio-Hazardous Waste

EHS has a new user friendly method for collecting biohazardous waste. Please email to have your waste collected. Please indicate how many boxes you have to be picked up, and how many empty boxes you will need delivered to your lab.

Collection day will be every other Tuesday of the month, opposite the Hazardous Waste collection days. These dates can be found on our online calendar. Plan accordingly.

Areas on the main campus that used to drop off their waste in Science V G06 will now receive a bio hazard box and bio hazard bag to accumulate their waste. To request a box and liner for your lab, email with your location and we will get supplies to you.

If you have any questions, please send an email to or call 777-2211. This procedure will closely mirror hazwaste collections and will streamline the process for generators and handlers.

Any questions about what constitutes biohazardous waste or for specific training, please contact the Biosafety Officer, Kelly Donovan at 7-6834

Last Updated: 5/11/18