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Common NYS Fire Inspection Violations

  • Blocked or restricted exits
  • Blocked or restricted aislesExit sign not lit or visible
  • Fire doors wedged open
  • Doors not closing and latching properly
  • Overcrowding – exceeding the occupancy limit
  • Extension cords misused or used as permanent wiring
  • Storage rooms overloaded
  • Storage too close to the ceiling, fire sprinklers, and/or smoke detectors
  • Combustibles too close to an ignition source
  • Compressed gas cylinders not secured or capped
  • Penetrations in walls/ceilings; ceiling tile missing
  • Extinguishers and fire safety system tampering
  • Covered or broken smoke detectors
  • Fire alarm pull stations blocked
  • Candles misused (not allowed in residential halls)
  • Improper storage of hazardous materials
  • Accumulation of dust and lint in laundry rooms
  • Decorations, curtains and flags not fire rated or treated
  • Portable electric heaters to close to combustibles
  • No emergency lighting where required
  • Blocked electrical panels

Last Updated: 1/22/16