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Accident Reporting

Accident Reporting Procedure

Accident Report (blank) (pdf, 320KB) - Print blank, fill out completely and send original to Human Resources and a copy to EH&S Department

(For more information check out the Human Resources Website)

Spill Report (pdf, 37.4KB) - Use this form to report any chemical or petroleum spills 

Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Information Sheet (doc, 35 KB)
Department Emergency Action Plan (doc, 57KB)

Waste Management

Hazardous Waste Management Guide (pdf, 535KB)
Darkroom Hazardous Waste Management Guide (pdf, 70KB)
Fluorescent Bulb Management guide (Coming Soon)

Laboratory Safety

Chemical Hygiene Plan (pdf, 1.6MB)
Chemical Inventory Form (xls, 25KB)

Lab Equipment Decommissioning Form (doc, 49KB)

Lab Closeout Checklist (xls, 18KB)

Laboratory Audit Program

Labcliq Basics (.pptx, 166KB)
Labcliq How to Certify Corrective Action (.pdf, 723KB)

Last Updated: 9/14/18