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Accident Reporting

An injured employee or student must report any accident where medical attention and/or first aid is required, or whenever any apparent bodily injury was received by the injured.

Accident Reporting Procedure

Accident Report

All employees must complete a form CS-13 Employee Report of Accident or Injury, within 3 days after the date of the incident. Retain a copy for your files. Forward the original to your supervisor who will complete their portion. Supervisors are to forward the original to Human Resources, with a copy going to the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EH&S).

(For more information check out the Human Resources Website)

Emergency Information

Department Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Information Sheet

  • Print in color
  • Unselect “headers and footers” in the printing features
  • You will be prompted to type your initials (3 letters) to confirm the information you provided is correct
  • You will need to print 2 copies, one outside the door one inside

Waste Management

Hazardous Waste Management Guide
Darkroom Hazardous Waste Management Guide 
Fluorescent Bulb Management

Laboratory Safety

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Chemical Inventory Form

Lab Equipment Decommissioning Form

Lab Closeout Checklist

Spill Report

Laboratory Audit Program

LabCliq Basics and Certifying a Corrective Action



Right to Know 

Right to Know Poster

Last Updated: 2/19/20