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Information about Your Satellite Accumulation Area

The Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) is the place in your Lab, Studio, or Work Center where Hazardous Waste is stored following generation. EPA guidelines and regulations dictate the conditions under which Hazardous Waste can be stored on Campus. SAA equipment can be purchased at BU Science Stores (Science 2, Rm B15, x7-2551). You can request secondary containment trays from EH&S by calling 777-2211

SAA equipment

Some important notes regarding your SAA!

  1. Waste must be stored in the lab in which it was generated. You may NOT move the waste from one lab / studio / work center to a SAA in another lab / studio / work center
  2. Waste must be properly labeled
  3. this includes a label which clearly states "Hazardous Waste" and a label or tag which lists the contents of the container, including approximate percentages of ALL components all components must be written out FULLY in ENGLISH-- NO CHEMICAL FORMULAS ARE PERMITTEDYellow hazardous waste tag  Hazardous waste tag
  4. Waste containers must be in GOOD condition
  5. caps must fit and be in good condition--the container must not be cracked or leak
  6. Waste containers must be kept CLOSED except when not adding waste to it
  7. DO NOT allow waste to evaporate                                                                        Open container
  8. Waste should be stored in secondary containment trays                            SAA
  9. Maximum accumulation for a SAA is 55 gallons of hazardous waste or 1 quart of Accutely hazardous wastes.
  10. All wastes must be under the control of the operator
  11. the principle investigator is ultimately responsible for all wastes generated in the assigned lab
  12. When waste containers are full, request a Hazardous Waste Pickup

EPA Website Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Satellite Accumulation Areas

Questions and Guidance

Any questions about the Hazardous Waste Management Program, or how to dispose of Hazardous Waste can be directed to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at x 7-2211 or by email at



Last Updated: 1/22/16