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Hazardous Waste Pickup

The Hazardous Waste Team at EH&S picks up hazardous chemical waste every other Tuesday (alternating Tuesdays with Biological Waste). See our calendar above for the next pickup.

 To request a waste pickup, please ensure your waste is in compliance with the guidelines below and then fill out the form at the bottom. 

If you have a special circumstance (lab closeout, inordinate amount of containers, unknowns) please email or call us at 7-2211

Waste Pickup Guidelines

  • Waste containers must not be overfilled. 90% of capacity is considered full.
  • Waste containers must be labelled properly (yellow sticker and waste tag)
  • Waste must be in a Satellite Accumulation Area
  • Requests must be made BEFORE the scheduled pickup date
  • Waste must be in a chemical-compatible container (no old food containers, no liquids in open top containers, etc.)
  • If an empty chemical container is being used as a waste container, the original label must be completely defaced and our triple rinse procedure should be followed
  • All waste containers must be labelled as soon as waste is placed in them
  • Try not to sign the waste tag until the waste is ready to be picked up- this way EH&S doesn't accidentally pick up a container that you are still using


Any waste containers that are not in compliance with these guidelines will NOT be picked up by EH&S until they are in compliance.


Waste Pickup Request

Please fill out the form below completely to request your waste pickup. If you have any issues, email

What Building is the Waste Located in?
Special Handling
Your "" email address


 Tags and Stickers

         Hazardous Chemical Waste Tag       
 Yellow Waste Sticker  
Chemical Label Sticker  

 Please contact EHS with any questions @7-2211



Last Updated: 6/28/19