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Occupant's Responsibility

Occupants can unknowingly contribute to poor indoor air quality. To minimize this please remember:

  • Clean-up any spills or leaks immediately.
  • Eating should be limited to designated areas due to the potential for the development of vermin and cleaning problems.
  • Limit the amount of clutter.
  • Take measures to limit settled dust on horizontal surfaces. PF does not perform routine dusting of office surfaces.
  • The use of chemical air fresheners (i.e. “Plug-ins”, sprays) is discouraged due to their tendency to emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) that may trigger a sensitive individual’s asthma or other respiratory condition.
  • Do not alter or block air flows to and from air conditioning diffusers without first contacting Physical Facilities at 7-2226. Realize that, depending on the type of air conditioning system, it may not be possible to open windows and doors without affecting air flows and temperatures throughout the whole system.
  • Do not bring in insecticides from home. Pest control concerns need to be brought to the attention of Physical Facilities at 7-2226.
  • Do not over water potted plants. Eliminate standing water in the bottoms of plant pots. Note that potted plants can be a significant source of mold in an indoor environment.
  • Sewer gas odor issues are often due to dried out sink or floor drain traps. Pouring a bucket of water into a floor drain or running the water in a sink for a minute or two will often eliminate the odor.
  • Wash hands frequently to help prevent the spread of infectious illnesses such as the flu and colds.


Last Updated: 4/17/20