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Non-Contaminated Sharps Containers

Labs should purchase a blue cardboard box with a plastic liner for use for broken glassware that is not chemically contaminated. These items can be purchased from Science Stores or your local supplier. Not chemically contaminated means "free of visible accumulation or debris." Glassware that does not fit this description may first be decontaminated by collecting in a collander and triple-rinsing.  If you are unsure, please call EH&S Lab Safety Division at 777-2211. 

Non-contaminated glassware boxes should be taken to the dumpster by lab occupants, not by janitorial or EH&S staff.

Broken Glass Containers


Chemically Contaminated Sharps

Pipette tips, syringes, and glassware that are visibly chemically contaminated must be collected in a sturdy container for EH&S to pick up. A 5 gallon bucket or 2 liter open top container will also work, as long as it has a closeable lid (preferably screw on). The container cannot be an old food container (coffee can, soda bottle, etc.). Like all hazwaste containers, sharps containers should be labelled as soon as the first waste is placed in them, but the tag must remain unsigned until it is full and ready for pickup.

When containers are full, they must be tagged with a 3"x5" hazardous waste tag and signed, like all hazwaste, before a collection request is sent out.

 Chemically Contaminated Sharps Containers

 Biologically Contaminated Sharps

Needles, syringes, pipet tips, etc. that are biologically contaminated must be collected in a red sharps container. These can be purchased from Science Stores or from other suppliers. When these containers are full, they should be nested inside a biohazardous box and bag with other biowaste. (Biowaste boxes and bags are supplied upon request by EH&S). If you do not generate enough biowaste to warrant having a box and bag, we can still collect single sharps containers during regular pickup days. 

biohaz sharps


ALL sharps containers must not be overfilled and must be closed so that no waste can fall or poke someone.

Last Updated: 5/14/18