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Do you need a permit for that?

Environmental Health and Safety requires the use of permits for some events and programs that commonly occur on campus. Permits are required for using a tent larger than 200 square feet, events greater then 1000 attendees, fireworks displays, campfires at any of the four campfire sites on campus, candle/sparkler use for an event such as a candle light vigil, and theatrical flame effects for theatrical or entertainment events.

If you are unsure if your event needs a permit, contact EH&S at 7-2211 or visit Permits Webpage

Winter Driving Safety

As we head into the weather and cold of our upstate New York winter, there are some things you can do to stay safe on the road.

Starting with your vehicle:
*Test your car battery, Replace if needed.
*Make sure the tread on your tires and the tire pressure is sufficient to handle snow covered roads.
*Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning by starting your vehicle outside your garage. According to the National Safety Council, 400 people die and 500,000 are treated for carbon monoxide poisoning every year. Do not start your vehicle in your garage.

Winter Slips, Trips and Falls

Winter in New York can bring snow and ice. Accumulation of snow and ice outside of doorways creates slips, trips and falls. Unfortunately these hazards may be inevitable this time of year, but there are some precautions we can take.

Choose footwear with good traction and insulation.

Keep walkways clear by removing snow and applying ice melt to avoid slippery conditions.

Watch out for slippery floors when walking into buildings.

When walking in snowy/slippery conditions, avoid carrying large items and use handrails when available.

Remember, when it snows take it slow!

Last Updated: 12/2/19