Academic Success Program

Get a head start on your Binghamton University education!

The Academic Success Program for International Students builds a foundation for a smooth entry into academic and community life at Binghamton University.

The Academic Success Program (ASP) provides international students with a pathway for starting their American college life. This first semester, summer program is a requirement for admission for a select group of international students. Students apply for admission to Binghamton University as usual and are then chosen by the Admissions Committee to attend the ASP.

This five-week pathway semester held during the summer is designed to help you further develop your English language proficiency while earning up to six (6) credits toward your degree. In addition, you will learn where to get academic support, become familiar with the campus and local culture through a few day trips, and connect with fellow students and faculty. 

Important: The Academic Success Program is not an Intensive English Language Program. It is only available to admitted Binghamton University students. Students who are required to participate are notified in their acceptance letter to Binghamton. These students are automatically enrolled once the enrollment deposit is paid. Students who are not required may join the program optionally.

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  • How does ASP work?

    ASP students come to campus and start taking classes ahead of other students. They arrive at Binghamton University five weeks before the fall semester begins. Besides taking classes, they become familiar with the campus through various academic and community activities.

    Students take two courses in the Summer III term session: an English language development course, and a culture/academic skills course.

    As part of the coursework, students enhance their language and study skills while going on field trips to sites on campus and in the local community, taking weekend trips, conversing with native English-speaking students, listening to guest speakers and gaining advice from mentors who guide students through the program.

  • Benefits of ASP
    • Earn 6 Credits: Enter as a freshman ahead of other first year students.
    • Adapt Smoothly: Small classes, specialized instructors and student assistants all give ASP students personal attention, easing the transition into a new environment.
    • Build Academic Skills: Learn to manage study and personal time ahead of the fall semester.
    • Familiarize Yourself with Campus: Find your way around the campus and local community before the crowds arrive.
    • Learn about American Culture: Mix with native English-speaking students during rewarding summer activities.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. When does the Summer 2018 program begin? End?

    The 2018 ASP program begins July 16, 2018 and ends August 19, 2018. Students should arrive at Binghamton University on Saturday or Sunday July 14-15. Classes run July 16- August 17, 2018, with trips and activities planned for weekends through August 19. International student orientation occurs in August. Fall classes begin August 22, 2018.

    2. Who may join this program?


    • Pathway admitted, in-coming international Binghamton University freshmen for Fall 2018 as stated in your acceptance letter.

    Not required but optional:

    • Newly admitted, in-coming international Binghamton University freshmen for Fall 2018 who would like to opt into the program if seats are available. Please contact
    • Dual Diploma students coming to Binghamton for the first time. Contact your dual diploma advisor.

    3. How much does the program cost?

    The costs for tuition, housing, and food are approximately $8,500 USD. Other fees such as visa and SEVIS, as well as university fees are required. After paying the initial deposit to hold their spot, students will receive separate bills for parts of the summer program through student accounts. You will not pay one complete payment.

    4. Exactly which courses will I be studying?

    ELI 110 (4 college credits): This course provides instruction and practice in all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing as well as English study skills and grammar. You will receive instruction and guided practice in all of these areas with an emphasis on writing. The course includes some experiential learning activities outside of the classroom. The goal is to help you work to the best of your abilities in an English-speaking academic environment.

    ELI 142 (2 college credits): This course provides integrated instruction in study skills, cross-cultural issues and leadership skills. The course includes some experiential learning activities outside of the classroom. The goal is to enable freshmen to become full participants in the academic and community environment.

    Course details can be found HERE.

    5. Is transportation to the university provided?

    No. As is the case for international students normally arriving at the end of August for International Student Orientation, students are responsible for their own transportation to Binghamton University. However, the Office of International Student and Scholars Services provides information on the many methods of travel to Binghamton for students. 

    6. What does "Successful Completion of ASP" mean?

    • Demonstrating a professional and scholarly attitude in class and out of class.
    • Attending all experiential learning events.
    • Obeying all university and programmatic rules.
    • Passing ELI 142 and ELI 110 with a grade of C or better (Your grades for ASP do count toward your GPA at Binghamton University).

    7. How does the I-20 work?

    • Upon being accepted into ASP, you will be issued an I-20 for the 5-week period of the Academic Success Program.
    • Upon successful completion of the ASP, you will immediately be issued an I-20 for the remainder of your bachelor's degree study at Binghamton University.
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    ASP Class Information
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