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Stop the Bleed Kits

Binghamton University has placed bleeding control equipment throughout all University-owned/operated property. Individual kits can be found in every AED cabinet and wall mounted cabinets are located in several campus locations.

Wall Cabinet

Several campus locations are equipped with wall cabinets stocked with eight Stop the Bleed kits. These cabinets provide enough supplies to care for multiple people with serious bleeding injuries.

Stop the Bleed Kit

Individual Stop the Bleed kits can be found in every AED cabinet on Binghamton University property. An individual kit has enough supplies to safely care for a single patient with a serious bleeding injury.

Kit Contents

Each individual kit includes one (1) Combat Application Tourniquet, one (1) Celox hemostatic gauze dressing (3"x5'), one (1) SWAT-T tourniquet, two (2) pair of blue nitrile gloves, one (1) mini black marker and one (1) trauma shears/scissors.


Each kit also includes instructions on how to properly use the Stop the Bleed supplies.

Last Updated: 6/17/19