Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 AED Inspection Procedures

Alarm (if the unit is cabinet mounted)

  • Before accessing the unit, call University Police (UPD) at 607-777-2393 to notify the dispatcher that you will be testing the alarm for the unit.
  • Once UPD has been notified, open the cabinet and access the unit. Verify the operation of the local alarm (horn/buzzer sound).
  • After the completion of the unit inspection, return the AED back inside the cabinet.
  • Call UPD at 607-777-2393 and verify the alarm was received and has now automatically reset itself.

Status Indicator (upper right corner of handle):

  • A green indicator means the AED is ready for service.
  • If the indicator is red with a black X, the AED requires maintenance and is not ready for use. Follow the FAIL INSPECTION notes below.

Visual Inspection:

  • Open the soft-case by unsnapping the two closures on each side of the unit.
  • Examine AED case and cover for foreign substances, damages or cracks.
  • Open the cover and ensure the unit properly starts up and begins voice prompts.
  • Inspect status lights on left side of display panel. After brief startup sequence, the lights with the icons for the pads and the wrench should not be lit. If a status light is lit, follow FAIL INSPECTION notes below.
  • Inspect the status lights for the battery. At least two lights should be lit. If at least two battery indicator lights are not lit, follow FAIL INSPECTION notes below.

Defibrillator Pads:

  • Pads are located inside the cover of the unit.
  • Make sure pads are pre-connected to the AED.
  • Verify the pads have not passed the expiration date (expiration date noted on foil pouch).
  • Inspect package and make sure it is unopened.
  • If package is opened or past its expiration date, follow the FAIL INSPECTION notes below.

Spare Set Defibrillator Pads:

  • Spare pads are not pre-connected (found in the case’s back pouch)
  • Verify presence of one set of spare adult pads and one set of pediatric pads. Adult pads are the square silver foil package, pediatric pads are labeled “Child/Infant Electrode Pads.”
  • Check the expiration dates.
  • Make sure the packages are unopened.
  • If package is opened or past its expiration date, follow the FAIL INSPECTION notes below.

Check AED Ready Kit:

  • Locate Ready Kit pouch attached to the side of the AED.
  • Kit should be unopened and sealed
  • If seal is broken, follow the FAIL INSPECTION notes below.

Pass Inspection

  • Place a check mark in the proper location of the SUNY-AED Monthly Inspection Sheet to show this unit has been inspected.

Fail Inspection

  • DO NOT place a check mark on SUNY-AED Monthly Inspection Sheet. Make a handwritten note on the form to indicate why the unit failed inspection.
  • Remove the unit from service and replace with a spare unit (if available). Contact Dave Hubeny at 607-777-3545 to see if a spare unit is available.
  • Notify Dave Hubeny at 607-777-3545. If after hours or unavailable, leave detailed message on voice mail.