General Engineering Minor

This curriculum is intended as a general engineering minor for students outside of engineering.

Declaring the minor is by application only; minimum of five courses required.

Students must complete the three prerequisite courses for the minor and achieve at least a 2.7 GPA in those three courses before applying to the program. In order to complete the minor, students must earn a GPA of at least 2.0 in the prerequisite and required courses.

Courses can be used to fulfill Gen Ed requirements.

Students will be advised by the Director of the Engineering Design Division.

Official University Bulletin Listing

Prerequisite Courses

Note: AP Calculus and AP Physics may be substituted for some requirements. Please contact Koen Gieskes, Assistant Director with questions about these substitutions.





Required engineering courses

Three Engineering Elective courses 

  • Choose any three below, at least one must be from "Advanced"
  • make note of pre- and co-requisites
  • All courses with approval of department and instructor.
  • Courses shown are the currently approved list: departments may add or remove courses in the future.
  • Only one of CS 211, CS 140 or ISE 212 can count toward the general engineering minor.
  • Only one CS course can count toward the general engineering minor.
  • Only one of ISE 364 or ME 372 can count toward the general engineering minor.

Engineering Fundamentals

Advanced Engineering

Two Integrated Engineering and Design Projects courses — must have senior standing

All General Engineering Minors must sign up for Section 50 (Biomedical), 51 (Industrial and Systems), 52 (Mechanical), or 53 (Electrical & Computer Engineering) depending on the engineering major track. These courses are only open to non-engineering students admitted to the general engineering minor.