News in the Engineering Design Division

Engineers Week Dinner: February 18, 2020

engineers week

Pictured (left to right): Nicholas Simonik, Dr. Melissa Simonik, Dr. Michael Elmore, Susan Elmore, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham [2019 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry], Professor Koen Gieskes, Leora Kenney.

Fall 2020 EDD First-Year Engineering Arduino Expo

The EDD first-year engineering class of Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science presented this fall's Arduino projects during an exposition via zoom on December 7, 2020. Projects were judged by EDD teaching assistants and undergraduate assistants. Here are the list of outstanding projects:

Fortune Teller

First Place -- Section 57: Olivia Cartwright, Daniel Panaro, Krista Dizon, Hannah Brodsky
Second Place -- Section 55: Laura Cunningham, Molly McClelland, Elidenya Pena, Catherine Tai, Michael Tyrell / Section 53: Justin Anderson, Tyler Douglas, Christopher Lee, Samantha Sova

Reaction Time Tester

First Place -- Section 58: Aaron Randall, Benjamin Telfer, Meghana Viswanathan, Victoria Williams
Second Place -- Section 56: Marcus Johnson, Adham Kenawy, Javier Guadalupe, Saon Knight / Section 50: Kathleen Walker, Michael Williams, Sara Wiliams, Shaquille Zheng

Rock, Paper, Scissors

First Place -- Section 57:  Sarah Adelson, Eric Ting, Julia Matticio, Jonathan Sarasohn
Second Place -- Section 51: Matthew Alava, Andrew Benincasa, Karsem Chiamprasert, Liam Conroy

Simon Says

First Place -- Section 55: Gregory Fratto, Brian Mirchin, Jeffry Purnomo, Alejandro Wiltshire
Second Place -- Section 58: Daniel Lounsbery, Sean Machaffie, Katherine Martellock, Evan Maurer / Section 60: Matthew Reyes, Corey Levy, Alyssa Nelson, Benjamin Toldeo

First Place -- Section 57: David Stein, Zhanhao Li, Steven Santamoreno, Jake Vecchio
Second Place -- Section 52: Sawyer Hinman, Lilia Bartolotta, Wylie Deuber, Alexandra Portas / Section 53: Joshua Hurisucker, Adin Keiter, John Melly, Samuel Zeig-Flomberg


First Place -- Section 63:  Bhavna Sonare, Audrey Barry, Lehan Ouyang, Georges Richard
Second Place -- Section 59: Aleksander Reichelt, Jackson Roche, Sophia Romero, Mary Ronan

Spring 2020 EDD First-Year Engineering Conceptual Design Project

The EDD first-year engineering class of Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science completed this spring's Conceptual Design Projects. Student teams presented projects that were judged by EDD faculty and teaching assistants who served as "CEOs" of the projects.  Here are the list of outstanding projects:

Toaster for a Blind Person -- Cooking in the Dark

Section 57: Justin Cha, Sung Choi, Jeremy Lai, Keith Ogden, David Peretz, Victor Rosa

Coffee maker for persons with hand tremors

Section 62: Hunter Colomaio, Riley Corbett, Samantha Cotes, Cara Dennehy, Jocelyn Ortega, Bryana Thompson

Blood Pressure Monitor for Persons with the Use of One Arm or Hand

Section 52: Adi Ari, Bryan Flynn, Katie Foto, John Holmberg, Jessica Jurcsak, Hannah Neusner, Colin Schepis

Energy Efficient Bread Toaster

Section 50: Nicholas Arfanis, Christina Coulton, Nathan Gaviola, Nourin Haque, Ryan Serafin, Leslie Torres

Energy Efficient Refrigerator

Section 60: Bohden Landis, Harold Karpen, Liam DeMaria, Justin Groux, Michael DeVogel, Jack McCormack

Harvesting Kitchen Waste Energy

Section 50: Thomas Barjak, Luke Burke, Myles Clark, Brody Conroy, Cristopher Montesdeoca, Anthony Giunta

Flexible Dosimeter

Section 59: Lucas Grabowski, Peter Grega, Vincent Hodgins, Seth Markley, Grace Moon

Congratulations to all!