News in the Engineering Design Division

Fall 2018 EDD First-Year Engineering Arduino Expo

The EDD first-year engineering class of the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science presented this fall's Arduino projects during an exposition on October 24, 2018. Projects were judged by EDD teaching assistants and undergraduate assistants. Here are the list of winners:

Fortune Teller
First Place -- Section 63 (Claudia Martin)
Second Place -- Section 58 (Diana Murtaugh)

Laser Tag
First Place -- Section 52 (Sharon Fellows)
Second Place -- Section 50 (Erika Olenik)

First Place -- Section 58 (Diana Murtaugh)
Second Place -- Section 61 (Diana Murtaugh)

Reaction Time Tester
First Place -- Section 51 (Sharon Fellows)
Second Place -- Section 59 (Diana Murtaugh)

Rock, Paper, Scissors
First Place -- Section 50 (Erika Olenik)
Second Place -- Section 62 (Erika Olenik)

Simon Says
First Place -- Section 55 (Claudia Martin)
Second Place -- Section 50 (Erika Olenik)

First Place -- Section 54 (Sharon Fellows)
Second Place -- Section 55 (Claudia Martin)

Spring 2019 EDD First-Year Engineering Conceptual Design Project

The EDD first-year engineering class of the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science completed this spring's Conceptual Design Projects. Student teams presented projects that were judged by EDD faculty and teaching assistants who served as "CEOs" of the projects.  Here are the list of winners:

Toaster for a Blind Person -- Cooking in the Dark
Section 57 with Melissa Simonik/Erika Olenik
Danielle Carucci, Lance Cheng, Thomas Houghton, Erika Kozak, Derek Ogi, Samantha Weiner

Coffee Maker for Persons with Hand Tremors
Section 60 with Diana Murtaugh
Erin Connolly, Arianna Dumeng, Matthew Doolittle, Anthony Esposito, Matthew Galstian, Brandon Machado

Blood Pressure Monitor for Persons with the Use of One Arm or Hand
Section 60 with Diana Murtaugh
Matthew Bauco, Erick Harkness, Shaiyan Hossain, Scott Kleeschulte, Benjamin O'Flaherty, Alex Santana, Parker Storm

Energy Efficient Bread Toaster
Section 59 with Diana Murtaugh
Allistair Francisco, Victor Gallo, Flynn Herron, Patrick McCaffrey, August Padua, Justin Scheidweiler

Energy Efficient Refrigerator
Section 56 with Sharon Fellows
Vladyslav Nikolayev, Ari Solomon, Jing Dong, Thomas Perdomo, Taylor Irizarry, Daniel Coladangelo

Harvesting Kitchen Waste Energy
Section 61 with Claudia Martin
William Conyea, Devin Henry, Bridget Kennedy, Kirsten Kires, Lowell Klipstein, Sarah Loshinsky

Flexible Dosimeter
Section 54 with Claudia Martin
Trevor Chakavarika, Lars Drace, Lane Dingwell, Eric Matson, Evan Matson, Meghan Starke

Congratulations to all winners!