News in the Engineering Design Division

Fall 2022 EDD First-Year Engineering Arduino Expo

The EDD first-year engineering class of Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science presented this fall's Arduino projects during an exposition on December 7, 2022. Projects were judged by EDD teaching assistants and undergraduate assistants. Here are the list of outstanding projects:


First Place -- Section 52: Milo Bucalo-Carrer, Joseph Connell, Brandon D'Agostino, Cameron Kranz
Second Place -- Section 61: Brandon Sham, Nima Sherpa, Helene Weinberg, Ethan Wofse, Mark Yastion


First Place -- Section 57: Hong Chen, Abdallah Halaweh, Ryan Jacobs, Wendy Jiang
Second Place -- Section 53: John Mehalak, An Nguyen, Will Otondi, Laura Sitnik


First Place -- Section 63: Sophia Borderon, Bryan Cabrera, Christopher Cavarretta
Second Place -- Section 58:  Michael Kopcha, Jake Lin, Andrew Markell, Jahzeel Moscoso


First Place -- Section 54: Elijah Malach, Meghan Marthia, Luke Mirasol, Akunna Njoku
Second Place -- Section 58: Michael Comuniello, Haiden Danto-Scanlan, Benjamin Beibler, Jared Fierman


First Place -- Section 64: Matthew Stancampiano, Roan Torpey, Stella Wang, Colin Zwiesler
Second Place -- Section 51: Nava Sherman, Max Van Orman, Matthew Vecchio, Alvan Zhou


First Place -- Section 63: William Son, Nathan Teig, Amoolya Varghese, Gabriel Costantino
Second Place -- Section 54: Elijah O'Sick Johnson, Brian Ozga, Pritam Paul, Aleah Shron


First Place -- Section 64: Alec Hamson, Liam Hansen, Julian Hu, Vansh Joishar 
Second Place -- Section 54: Faithful Onilede, Valeria Gonzalez, Shane Hanley, Grace Huang

Spring 2022 EDD First-Year Engineering Conceptual Design Project

The EDD first-year engineering class of Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science completed this spring's Conceptual Design Projects. Student teams presented projects that were judged by EDD faculty and teaching assistants who served as "CEOs" of the projects.  Here are the list of outstanding projects:

PROJECT 1: smart sight device

Section 52: Christina Bergen, Maylen Kummer, Christopher Lee, Matt Moses, Marisa Ostir, Ariella Ziarno

PROJECT 2: Smart crutch

Section 63: Sam Fuscus, Markus Higgins, MingJie Liu, Anthony Lucsczynski, Max Rodriguez, Nicholas Spameni

PROJECT 3: smart parking

Section 52: Lauren Frye, Qiang Fu, Matthew Jordan, Aidan Kapuschinsky, Joey Tomassi, Robert Viola

PROJECT 4: portable aquarium

Section 57: Sorcha Hayes, Emelia Lemza, Jason Lin, Kaitlyn O'Dell, Marcos Rodriguez, Lavr Zybtsev

PROJECT 5: Student-run animal shelter on bu campus

Section 59: Richard Clarke, Jossalin De La Cruz-Natale, Geordy Pintado, Emma Russell, Matthew Siemion, Cameron Vitale, Timothy Yoon

PROJECT 6: student room for mental health

Section 53: Payton Baker, Thomas Joyce, Lishou Liu, Danny Manashirov, Joseph Pagan, Rafia Rahman


Section 58: Ron Brodman III, Nolan Cesped, Aditya Gajendran, Katherine Peters, Arjun Sahansra, Emily Zupicich

Congratulations to all!