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headshot of Thomas Kulp

Thomas Kulp

Associate Professor; Sustainable Communities Program Director

Department of Earth Sciences


Thomas Kulp's research focuses primarily on the microbiological cycling of environmentally relevant trace metal(loids) including As, Sb, Se, Cr and U. His interests include novel microbial metabolisms involving metalloids that permit bacterial life at extreme conditions of salinity, temperature, and alkalinity. He also studies how microbiologically mediated reactions affect the fate and behavior of these toxic trace metals in freshwater settings.

In addition to geomicrobiological processes related to toxic trace metals and metalloids, Kulp is also interested in food web systematics of biologically sensitive elements such as As, Sb, and Se.


  • PhD, Indiana University

Research Interests

  • Geomicrobiology
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Chemistry of Toxic Metals

Teaching Interests

  • Geomicrobiology
  • Paleobiology
  • Environmental Geology

More Info

Current Research Projects :

  • Microbiological cycling of antimony
  • Arsenic geomicrobiology in extreme environments
  • Biogeochemistry of arsenic and humic substances in the Blackfoot Disease endemic area of Taiwan
  • Aquatic food web behavior of As and Sb from contaminated mine tailings

Research Profile