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Environmental Studies Program
Requirements and Courses

The Environmental Studies Program at Binghamton University provides undergraduates with an interdisciplinary major focusing on the interrelationships of humans and their environment as well as the practical and ethical problems resulting from these relationships. In addition to taking core courses required of all majors, an E.S. major completes a specialization developing a cross-disciplinary perspective with a problem oriented focus. Within the framework of the E.S. major, a student may obtain the interdisciplinary background required for such professional fields as planning, policy analysis, resource management, environmental analysis or environmental remediation. To foster this, students take both natural and social science courses with an area of emphasis or specialization in one or the other.

A large number of courses are taught through the Environmental Studies Program.  These are summarized here.

Students can obtain either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, depending on their specialization. Graduates of the program have gotten jobs in either the public or private sector or have pursued graduate or professional studies.

We have established a 3/2 combined degree program between the BA in Environmental Studies and the MPA in Public Administration.  Details are available here.


Director of Environmental Studies Program: Carl P. Lipo email

Last Updated: 8/25/15