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What Our Members Are Saying About ES2

"The value of being part of ES2 is quite high because we are a small company with limited R&D and infrastructure. ES2 really helps us to keep on top of where we are going." - Mark Seymour, Director, Product Development, Future Facilities

"By being a member of ES2, we can assign very focused tasks to students and researchers that will help us solve significant energy-related problems with our facilities, while learning from our peer groups what they are doing in the areas of energy efficiency." - Robert Yurcek, Principal Engineer, Verizon

"Having four universities focused in this area is groundbreaking. We are looking at energy-efficiency from the silicon to the environment. We would NEVER get this relationship happening on a one-one basis. It's very exciting." - Roger Schmidt, IBM Fellow

"ES2 gives us a platform for doing the research that we don't get within our own organization and aligns well with our strategy. It provides a nice collaborative environment between universities with different research expertise as well as with companies with different needs and inputs. Panduit believes in a holistic design of a data center as its own ecosystem, and ES2 supports that belief. It provides an excellent framework/platform for research and collaboration that we are unable to do onsight."  -                Saurabh Shrivastava, Sr. Manager, Panduit Corporation

There are a number of reasons Mestex is involved as an IAB member.
1. Insight as to the direction of energy efficiency efforts in data centers. This allows us Mestex to channel its product design to meet those efforts.
2. Being involved with the leading edge scientific research provides credibility to our efforts in data center energy efficiency.
3. Exposes Mestex to bright new engineers and designers.
4. Working with the university members provides a means to achieve research we would not normally undertake - Jim Jagers, Sales Manager, Mestex

Last Updated: 5/4/16