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For Discussion Purposes ONLY 

Events Center 

The Events Center is an elongated arena shaped house incorporating continental seating. All raised seating (capacity 4,418) is retractable.  

For more information on how you can use the Events Center, contact:  

Ze Zeon, Associate Director of Athletics


Shane de Moree, Assistant Operations Coordinator


Description: The event level main floor area is approximately 53,000 usable square feet, approximately 320’ L x 160’ W x 45’ H. The rubber surface is Mondo 10mm spike-proof rubber, with a 6-lane 200 meter track, 2 pole vault locations, 2 long jump locations, and outlines for 4 regulation tennis or 4 regulation (high school 84’ x 50’) basketball courts. Seating is Interkal retractable systems, permanently installed on the southern end of the building, west and east sides with chairbacks, and the south side with bench seating. Portable bench bleachers can be located nearly anywhere on the floor, depending upon event needs.

Basketball Configuration, single court, permanent seats:

  •      West chairbacks:    1,207
  •      East chairbacks:     1,330      
  •      South bench:          1,852 (less 64 smaller bench seats)       
  •      Corporate Suites:        96  (6 suites @ 16 seats each)

 Total permanent seats: 4,485              


  • Wheelchair seating: 40 on concourse, plus one (1) companion seat each (add'l companions in permanent seats)
  • Additional seating portable bleachers: 1,104              

Basketball Configuration, two to four courts on rubber surface, one portable Robbins All Sport Plus maple floor.

 Commencement/Concert Configuration, end stage:

  •      West, East, and South seating: 4,453 – less 36 blocked view = 4,417 
  •      Floor seating – folding chairs: up to 2,500 University-owned  PLUS up to 800 rented folding chairs 

     Total: 7,753 seats             

Commencement/Concert Configuration, half stage:

  •       West, East, and South seating: 4,453
  •       Floor seating – folding chairs: up to 1,016 University-owned

      Total: 5,469 seats


  • Events Center stage, on site with 72 hours notice:

Stage-Right portable, up to 40’x60’ stage (75 4’x8’ pieces) new in 2005, height adjustable from 48”-60” with 2 adjustable stair units and black 5’ skirting

B. Additional stage units rented locally

Events Level Floor

  •  Grid height ...........................................50’5”
  •  Width (wall to wall) ............................. 160’0”
  •  Length…........…………………………….320’0” (~290' usable)

Depth (all measurements are from midcourt)

  •  Center court to first row of seats Sideline/End court.............34’- 0"/ 58'-0"
  •  Center court to last row of seats Sideline/End court..............92- 6"/ 110"-0"

Floor (from top down):

  •  Events: 10 mil Mondo rubberized sheet good
  •  Events: 5” 5,000 lb concrete



Grid height ..........................................50’5”

Rigging capacities:

  •  Main beams 9 kips maximum load single load
  •  Filler beams 3 kips maximum load
  •  Fall protection system installed 2006
  •  All rigging performed by University staff or IATSE only.


  •  All controls in Control Room, concourse level SR
  •  Mid Arena Curtain – red vinyl with white mesh, activity curtain
  •  Two-thirds Curtain - Seafoam Grey color Austrian hung curtain with 80% fullness
  •  Oval Curtain - red vinyl with white mesh, activity curtain


  • Soft goods inventory
  • Pipe and Drape


 LOADING DOCK at Events floor level, 2 covered bays, 1 exterior bay:

  •  Roll top door . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10’- 0" W x 8'- 0" H
  •  Loading dock height . . . . . . . . .3'- 9" from street level 
  •  Loading platform area outside . .8'- 0" deep x 24'- 0" wide
  •  Distance to stage . . . . . . . . . . . 180’ - 280' through hallways


  •  Roll top door . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12’- 0" W x 14'- 0" H
  •  Loading dock height . . . . . . . . .At Grade, Events floor level
  •  Loading platform area outside . .Asphalt, truck turnaround area
  •  Distance to stage . . . . . . . . . . . 40’ - 180' depending on stage location


House Lighting & Control System

  •  Six (6) zone Widelite control with zone dimmers
  •  Location: FOH on concourse level

Company Switch

  •  Located DSR
  •  400 amp service, 120/208v, 3 phase, 4 wire, Cam Locks
  •  400 amp service, 120/208v, 3 phase, 4 wire, Cam Locks
  •  400 amp service, 120/208v, 3 phase, 4 wire, Cam Locks
  •  200 amp service, 120/208v, 3 phase, 4 wire, Cam Locks
  •  No transfer for front of house circuits
  •  NOTE: all company switches are fed from a single 1600A service


  •  No in-house intercom
  •  No page system


  •  Mixing Console : Mackie 1642 console located in the control room on concourse level, SR
  •  Central Cluster:
    • West facing: 2x2 array EAW KF695 speakers
    • South facing: 2x2 array EAW KF650 speakers
    • East facing: 2x2 array EAW KF695 speakers
    • North facing: 2 side by side EAW KF650 speakers
  •  Accessories
    • Microphones: 4 Shure wired, 1 Shure wireless
    • 4 mic stands (tripod base), 1 boom arm mic stand, 1 tabletop gooseneck mic phantom, and mic cable


  •  (1) JLG E600J 66’- 0" boom lift with jib extension
  •  (1) Toyota electric fork truck, 3500lb capacity
  •  (1) walk-behind fork lift, 2000lb capacity
  •  Assorted ladders


Each dressing/locker room is equipped with:

  •  Sink, shower, lavatory, mirrors
  •  Dressing/locker rooms are on Events level.
  •  (2) dressing/locker rooms accommodate 12 each, 1 male (Room EC-G03) & 1 female (Room EC-G02). . . 24
  •  (2) dressing/locker rooms attached accommodate 24 each, single sex (Room EC-G04A and EC-G04B. . . . .48
  •  Total: 72
  • Additional dressing/locker rooms can be arranged, however, they are a distance to the stage.

Laundry Facilities

 Laundry is off-campus and not under the control of the Events Center. Not always available.


XII. Travel and Shipping Directions

Mailing Address
Binghamton University
State University of New York
PO Box 6000
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

Physical Address for Private Shippers
Binghamton University
State University of New York
4400 Vestal Parkway East
Binghamton, NY 13902


Physical Address for GPS Use
Binghamton University
State University of New York
4400 Vestal Parkway East
Vestal, NY 13850

 Driving Directions 

NY 17 to exit 70 S (Route 201) to traffic circle.
Bear to the right, follow Route 201 South to Route 434 West ( Vestal Parkway) to Left Turn at light on Bunn Hill Road.
Turn left onto campus at tennis courts.
Turn at 1st left, proceed straight down drive to Events Center.
Loading Dock is immediately at bottom of drive, truck/bus turnaround and
  event level floor overhead door access is at north end of building.


Click Here for TV Truck information campus map, here for detailed TV Truck space assignment sheet.


Booking Procedures and Policies - DRAFT and to be used as GENERAL GUIDELINES for DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY

Events Center Background   The Events Center, in support of the Binghamton University Mission, is the University’s primary indoor venue for large-scale events and celebrations of campus life.  It is a multi-role facility, serving members of the campus and greater community and connecting the athletic activities of students with others on the campus.

The Events Center affirms Binghamton University's status as one of the strongest comprehensive public universities in the Northeast. It is a prominent sign of the University's commitment to its constituents, the local community, and athletics. The facility, located on the northern end of campus is part of a larger complex that includes the West Gym, tennis courts, and playing fields.

The state-of-the-art facility represents the fulfillment of a decade of planning and development for a center that can accommodate events of all types for up to 10,000 people. The campus community and friends are now able to join underneath one roof for convocations, Commencement, concerts, major speakers, and other special events. The center also features superior acoustics and equipment for the presentation of live concerts.  In addition, the Events Center is home to the NCAA Division I Binghamton Bearcats.

These facilities exist to serve the educational, athletic, entertainment, and cultural interests of the students, faculty, and staff of Binghamton University as well as the greater community to which the University belongs.  External groups may use the facilities when it does not conflict with university use and then only when granted the permission of Binghamton University.

Binghamton University reserves the right to refuse use of facilities to any group sponsoring a function which does not meet the standards of Binghamton University, or which the university determines to be detrimental to the academic, community, or state interests of the university.  


This policy addresses reservation and use of the Binghamton University Events Center.  Management Procedure 212, "Use of Binghamton University Facilities," provides an umbrella policy for all facilities usage. Issues not addressed in this policy may be addressed there.

Booking Control

The Office of Events Center Manager (OECM) exercises reservation, booking, and contracting for all events in the facility. 

Event Booking Criteria

The Events Center expressly reserves the right to accept, modify, refuse, or terminate bookings in accordance with this Policy; and to solicit, develop, or promote any event consistent with Events Center objectives and interests of the University.  The Events Center may consider the following factors in evaluating potential bookings:
Projected benefit to the University
Seasonal factors and repeat booking potential
Client’s performance with respect to prior events at the Events Center and/or similar facilities
Projected direct revenue to the Events Center
Value of the event to the greater community

In order to preserve the image of the University and protection of the facility, the OECM will consult with others in the approval of events.  Those contacted will include University Communications and Marketing, the departments of University Police, Environmental Health & Safety, and Physical Facilities.

Event Booking Hierarchy

For purposes of this policy, events are categorized as to nature and benefit to the University.  Higher-ranking category bookings may override non-contracted bookings and contracted bookings under the definitions of the contract.

The following categories are booked as far in advance as possible. 

  1. Binghamton University commencement exercises and ceremonies sponsored by the President’s Office
  2. Binghamton University Intercollegiate men’s and women’s basketball games, tennis matches, track meets and conference post-season play. Athletic team practices
  3. Student Association entertainment, cultural, and revenue-generating events
  4. Meetings and banquets that are integral to the University’s teaching, research, student life, and public service missions
  5. University-sponsored entertainment, cultural, and revenue-generating events
  6. Activities sponsored by departments and agencies of the University other than those above
  7. Activities sponsored by external organizations and individuals. 
    1. Major multi-day events and larger recurring events. 
    2. Local one-time events. 

Confirming and Contracting

Tentative Booking: Space and dates held by the Events Center for a specified period prior to Contract or release by either party.  Tentative Bookings are subject to Challenges, as set forth below and the Events Center may release a Tentative Booking without notice after expiration.  A Tentative Booking for a single-day event more than 6 months in the future is subject to cancellation at the Events Center’s discretion.

Release Date: Date at which a Tentative Booking expires.  At this point the Events Center may release or cancel the booking, extend it by mutual agreement, or proceed to contract as appropriate.

First Option Booking:  A Tentative Booking held by the Events Center, subject to the terms of this policy until the Release Date; at which time the holder must either proceed to contract or release the booking.

Second Option Booking:  A Tentative Booking accepted by the Events Center secondary to a prior (First Options) booking for the same space/dates.  A Second Option becomes a First Option in the event of release of the prior First Option by either party.

Contract:  The Events Center’s basic contract is a Revocable Permit, which explicitly illustrates rights and responsibilities of the Permittee (Client) and the University.  The document is legally binding and should be carefully reviewed before execution.

Contract Cutoff Date:  Date by which a contract must be signed and deposit posted (if necessary) to keep a booking in effect.  This protects the Events Center against loss from sudden or close-in cancellation of an event for which a contract has been issued but not executed.  The Events Center may cancel any booking without notice at any time after the Contract Cutoff Date.

Date Protection

A protection clause may be granted at the Events Center’s sole discretion to certain recurring public events.  A protection clause, of granted, will be included in the contract which will not be issued earlier than eighteen (18) months prior to the event.  A protected period shall not exceed sixty (60) days plus the show days, with a minimum of fifteen (15) days protected both prior to and following the event.  Date protection does not normally apply to trade shows, conventions, or events not open to the public.

A protection clause, if granted, may read as follows:  “The Events Center agrees that it will not contract any portion of the Events Center to a competing event for a protected period commencing _____ days before Permittee’s first show day, and concluding _____ days after Permittee’s last show day.”

A competing event is a candidate event with fifty (50%) percent or more duplication or replication of exhibited products or services of those in the established event, as defined by net square footage of exhibit space; provided that the event open to the public shall normally not be deemed to compete with an event open only to trade.  Determination of whether or not an event is a competing event lies solely within the Events Center’s discretion.

When a date is reserved and confirmed only a higher priority function can supersede it, and only in the most unusual circumstances. After the date is confirmed as available, the Events Center Director must be contacted for approval of the event and the ensuing arrangements.  This includes athletic camps and non-intercollegiate athletic events.


A client (Challenger) requesting dates and space for which there is already a Tentative (First Option) Booking in place may challenge the booking by posting a deposit, at the Events Center’s discretion, of up to 100% of the estimated rent for the requested booking.  The Events Center will then inform First Option Holder of the challenge and offer the holder the option to, within 3 business days: 1.) post a deposit equal to that posted by Challenger, and execute a contract or other acceptable binder, or 2.) release the booking.  Upon holder’s decision, the Events Center will promptly notify the parties of its action.


The deposit establishes Permittee’s commitment to contract the space on the specific dates.  Non-refundable deposits must be posted by the Permittee concurrent with the execution of the contract.  As Permitter, the Events Center is legally obligated to hold contracted space and dates for Permittee under the terms of the contract; therefore the Events Center is not obligated to accept any contract not accompanied by the required deposit, or to maintain the booking.  The Events Center may retain deposit(s) as liquidated damages in the event of cancellation (see below) and these terms are subject to change.
Category A, B, C, D, E, and F – no deposit required.
Category G.1. – non-refundable deposit of up to 50% of contract rental is required upon contract execution.
Category G.2. – non-refundable deposit of up to 100% of contract rental plus full estimated expenses is required upon contract execution.


Cancellations by Permittee of an event covered by the contract will be subject to a cancellation fee as liquidated damages, as set forth in the contract.

Facility Use Application

The Events Center may require submission of a Facility Use Application, as a condition of accepting a booking; and use information gained thereby to evaluate the booking on the basis of client’s credit history, financial stability, performance under any prior contract, or other verifiable factor which may affect the Events Center’s objectives herein.

Rental, Payment, and Billing

The Rental Day including event day(s) and move-in/move-out day(s), is from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Assignment:  Permittee may not assign the contracted facilities or any rights under the contract without the Events Center’s prior written approval.

Payment for all services shall be in cash, check, or money order made payable to Binghamton University Events Center.  Certified funds may be required for certain events.

Deferred Billing is generally not available, however, the Events Center, at its sole discretion may approve such billing upon inquiry.

II.  Facilities

Various spaces within the Events Center may be used to support events including the concourse, arena (seating area and main floor sections), and other rooms (e.g., G16 Meeting Room, G30 Media Room, Tau Bearcat Club Room, and locker rooms G2, G3, and G5). No other locker rooms are to be used without the express consent of the Athletic Director (updated June 19, 2007).  Administrative offices are not available.  Laundry, issue room, strength training, sports medicine and administrative offices are not to be used for external events support, without the express consent of occupants. 

III.  Activity Priorities and Resolution of Conflicts

Every effort is made to arrange time schedules so that the Binghamton University intercollegiate athletic teams, university-sponsored entertainment, and student organizations can be accommodated. It is the understanding of the university that intercollegiate athletic contests have priority in the Events Center except for university events such as commencement and large-scale events as noted above. It is understood that the Events Center will collaborate with Athletics in arranging for concerts and other such events that are brought to campus. Conflicts will be resolved between the Events Center Director and the other appropriate persons on campus.

Athletics may reserve dates up to 12 months in advance for contest events (intercollegiate basketball games, tennis matches, track meets, conference post-season play) and the University will actively market the Events Center on all other dates. 

IV.  Charges for Facility Usage

Sponsoring groups will be responsible to pay rent (when applicable) and reasonable and necessary expenses for services associated with the use of the facility (e.g., equipment use, set-up, staffing, security, clean-up, damages, etc.). This will permit the Events Center and planning unit(s) to recover all direct costs resulting from the activity. A deposit may be required to cover damage or losses suffered as a result of a performance, event, or activity.

Fee schedules for the Events Center are available through the Office of Events Center Director.

V.  Other Requirements

The University’s contracted vendor(s), in conjunction with the Binghamton University Events Center, reserves the right to all concessions and sale of merchandise at facilities covered by this policy. These vendors may choose to waive the right to sell on a case-by-case basis.

Smoking is prohibited on SUNY Binghamton campus.

ALCOHOL, CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES AND SMOKING: Service of all alcoholic beverages requires University approval. 

Effective August 1, 2017, SUNY Binghamton is a tobacco-free campus to provide a healthy environment for its community members and as such the use or sale of tobacco products in or on SUNY Binghamton-owned or SUNY Binghamton property is prohibited.

This policy applies to faculty, staff, students, contractors, vendors and visitors. The use of tobacco products, including but not limited to, cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery systems, cigars, hookah-smoked products, clove cigarettes, bidis, kreteks, smokeless tobacco and snus, is not permitted on any university owned or leased property, which includes but is not limited to, buildings, university grounds, parking areas, walkways, recreational and sporting facilities and state-owned vehicles. This prohibition also includes no smoking in personal or contractor-owned vehicles on university property.

Any person who refuses to comply with the policy will be subject to a citation and/or ejection from the facility. Local, State, and Federal Law prohibit the unlawful possession and/or distribution of controlled substances, stimulants, hallucinogenic substances, and marijuana. Individuals found in violation are subject to immediate removal from the premises and arrest by University Police.

Thank you for your support of SUNY Binghamton as a tobacco free campus.


No flash cameras are allowed when the flash will interrupt the event or performance.

Proof of liability insurance may be requested from the Permittee. 

All ticketed events must be coordinated through the Events Center Box Office. 

Last Updated: 8/1/17