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Fall 2015 Undergraduate EvoS Course List

The complete list of EvoS courses can be found here.

Undergraduate EvoS Courses Offered Fall 2015


ANTH 242 Biology, Culture & Lifestyles

Gary James


ANTH 280F / BIOL 105 Evolution for Everyone


N – Social Science


ANTH 333 Human Genetics

David A Merriwether


ANTH 334 Comp Aspects Human Growth

Michael Little

S – Wellness


ANTH 426 Ancient DNA and Forensics Lab

David A Merriwether



BIOL 105/ ANTH 280F Evolution for Everyone


N – Social Science


BIOL 117 Intro to Org & Pops Biol

Michael Armstrong

L – Laboratory Science


BIOL 330 Genes and Heredity

Anthony Fiumera & James Sobel


BIOL 340 Genetics Lab

Anthony Fiumera


BIOL 351 Mechanisms of Evolution

Matthew Parker (EvoS Executive Committee)


BIOL 370 Botany

William Stein


BIOL 401 Molecular Genetics

Steven Tammariello & Melanie Ragin


BIOL 425 Molecular Biology Lab

Steven Tammariello


BIOL 451 Current Topics in EvoS




ECON 181A Economics and Evolution I

Haim Ofek


ECON 461 Game Theory

Haim Ofek



ENG 572Y Neuroaesthetics

Leslie Heywood

This graduate course is open to talented undergraduates



PHIL 313 Science and Religion

Eric Dietrich

H – Humanities



PSYC 111 General Psychology

Ann Merriwether, Gregory Strauss


SCHOL 280A Evolutionary Psychology

Joseph Morrissey

N – Social Science


PSYC 473B Comparative Psychology

Joseph Morrissey

W – Writing


PSYC 473H Comparative Psychology

Joseph Morrissey

W – Writing



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