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Undergraduate Certificate in Evolutionary Studies

The general requirements of the undergraduate EvoS program are:

  • 20 credits of eligible courses (no more than 8 credits at the 100 level). Evolution for Everyone (BIOL 105) is recommended as an introduction, but not required.
  • Breadth: at least one eligible course above the 100 level (aka 200 level and above) must be in a subject area that is different from your other coursework. EvoS 451 does not count towards this requirement.
  • Depth: at least two 300 level and above EvoS courses. EvoS 451 does not count towards this requirement.
  • At least two semesters of the 2 credit seminar course (EVOS 451), which counts towards the 20 credit total.  Please note: EVOS 451 does not count towards the breadth or depth requirements.
  • If you are interested in an EvoS certificate (a 20 credit "minor"), please sign up here:


 Graduate Certificate in Evolutionary Studies

The requirements of the graduate EvoS program are as follows:

  • 16 credits of eligible courses, including two semesters of the 2 credit Current Topics in EvoS seminar (BIOL 680S).
  • Evolution and Human Affairs (BIOL 570) is recommended but not required as an introduction.
  • Please note: there is a $100 fee for certificates through the Graduate School
  • If you are interested in an EvoS graduate certificate, please sign up here:


Undergraduate Individualized Major in Evolutionary Studies

We have suggested framework for students wishing to propose an individualized Major in EvoS. This outline is for planning purposes only. You must be in contact with Harpur Advising by fall of your Junior year if you wish to pursue an individualized major. Read more on the individualized major program here.

Suggested 14 course for the major (approximately 52 credits):
• BIOL 105/ANTH 280 – Evolution for Everyone
• PSYC 111 – Intro to Psychology
• BIOL 117 – Intro: Organisms & Pops Bio
• ANTH 168 – Intro to Biological Anthropology
• BIOL 451 – Current Topics in Evolutionary Science (x2)
• BIOL 452 – Cultural Evolutionary Theory
• Choose ANY undergraduate statistics course

Choose one 300 level or above EvoS listed course from either:

Choose one 300 level or above EvoS listed Course from:

Choose one pair from the following:
2 ENG or 2 PHIL

Choose any 2 other EvoS courses 200 level and above
This includes choices from GEOG, ENVI, ECON, and independent studies, in addition to other BIOL, ANTH, PSYC, ENG, & PHIL (or any other EvoS course that may arise; see the EvoS Coordinator to discuss course offerings).
These courses may also not be EvoS courses but topical courses that relate directly to their capstone project.

Students must write a senior paper which integrates ideas from multiple disciplines. The topic of this paper will be agreed upon by the student's capstone committee, which they will recruit from the participating EvoS faculty. 

Last Updated: 12/9/19