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Executive Committee

Photograph of Nicole Cameron.

Nicole Cameron

Assistant Professor,  Psychology (Joint Appointment in Biology)
Phone: 607-777-4580
Office: Science IV, Room 208

Photograph of Leslie Heywood

Leslie Heywood

Professor, English Department
Phone: 607-777-2104
Office: LN 1137

Photograph of Andreas Pape.

Andreas Pape

Associate Professor, Economics Department
Phone: 607-777-1234
Office: LT 904

Photograph of Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Phone: 607-777-6283
Office: Science III - 371

Photograph of Rolf Quam.

Rolf Quam

Assistant Professor, Anthropology Department
Phone: 607-777-2290
Office: Science 1, Room 112A

Photograph of Hiroki Sayama.

Hiroki Sayama

Associate Professor, Systems Science & Industrial Engineering
Phone: 607-777-3566
Office: EB S06




David Sloan Wilson

David Sloan Wilson

EvoS Director

SUNY Distinguished Professor, Biological Sciences & Anthropology Department 
Phone: 607-777-1234
Office: S3 363 

Susan Ryansuzy at two lights

Adjunct Faculty/Instructor, Evolutionary Studies

Environmental Studies
Phone: 607-777-4527
Office: S3 113


Ian MacDonaldIan

Graduate Assistant







The following list of faculty ranges from those who are deeply involved in evolutionary studies to those who have freshly encountered the evolutionary perspective and have indicated an interest in learning more by joining the program. Interested BU faculty members who are not yet participants are encouraged to become involved.

Faculty Participants

Fine Arts

Heywood, Leslie English, Creative Writing (Executive Committee)

Walking, Andrew Art History/English/Theartre

Weil, Joe English, Creative Writing


Dietrich, Eric S. Philosophy

Dublin, Thomas L. History

Gelineau, Christine English

Goodman, Charles Philosophy

Heywood, Leslie English, Creative Writing (Executive Committee)

Knapp, Christopher Philosophy (Former Executive Committee)

Laats, Adam Education, History

Leeson Schatz, Joseph English

Rogers, Philip E. English

Walking, Andrew Art History/English/Theartre

Weil, Joe English, Creative Writing

Natural Sciences

Andrus, Dick Environmental Studies

Clark, Anne B. Biology

Fiumera, Anthony Biology

Fiumera, Heather Biology

Madison, Dale M. Biology

Parker, Matthew Biology (Executive Committee)

Pueschel, Curt Biology

Rickard, Alex Biology

Shepherd, Julian Biology

Sobel, James Biology

Stamp, Nancy E. Biology

Stein, William E. Biology (Former Executive Committee)

Tan-Wilson, Anna Biology

Wilson, David Sloan Biology, Anthropology (Director)

Zhu, Weixing Biology

Physical Sciences

Kolmogorov, Alexey Physics


Alden, Allison Public Administration

Anderson, Liz Education

Begdache, Lina Health & Wellness, Anthropology

Britton, Gerri Nursing

Catalano, George Biomedical Engineering

Chiu, Kenneth Computer Science

Dionne, Shelley Management

Jackson, Steven Public Administration

James, Gary D. Nursing

Laats, Adam Education, History

Lam, Sarah Systems Science & Industrial Engineering

Laramee, Craig Biomedical Engineering

Lawson, Michael Human Development (Former BNP Steering Committee)

Lewis, Harold W. Systems Science & Industrial Engineering

McLeod, Kenneth J. Entrepreneur in Residence

Merriwether, Ann Psychology, Human Development

Mischen, Pamela Public Administration

O'Brien, Thomas Education

Sayama, Hiroki Systems Science & Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, (Executive Committee)

Schaffer, David

Seibold-Simpson, Sue Nursing (BNP Steering Committee)

Spencer, Gale Nursing

Surdey, Jessica Health & Wellness

Terwilliger, Susan Nursing

Wright, Kevin Human Development (Former BNP Steering Committee)

Social Sciences

Begdache, Lina Health & Wellness, Anthropology

Blumler, Mark A. Geography

Cameron, Nicole Psychology (Executive Committee)

Cingranelli, David L. Political Science

Deak, Terrence Psychology

DiLorenzo, Patricia M. Psychology

Donovick, Peter J. Psychology

Garruto, Ralph M. Anthropology

Glick, Douglas Anthropology

Holahan, Robert Environmental Studies (Former BNP Steering Committee)

Isbell, William Anthropology

Johnson, Matthew Psychology (Former Executive Committee)

Khanna, Neha Economics

Kurtz, Kenneth Psychology

Lipo, Carl Anthropology and Environmental Studies

Lisman, Stephen A. Psychology

Little, Michael A. Anthropology

Lynn, Steven Jay Psychology

Lum, J. Koji Anthropology (Former Executive Committee)

Massey, Sean Gender and Sexuality Studies (BNP Steering Committee)

Merriwether, D. Andrew Anthropology

Merriwether, Ann Psychology, Human Development

Miller, Ralph Psychology

Morrissey, Joe Psychology

Ofek, Haim Economics

Pape, Andreas Economics (Executive Committee)

Quam, Rolf, Anthropology (Executive Committee)

Reiber, Chris Anthropology (Former Executive Committee)

Robinson, Greg Political Science

Sabeti, Jilla Psychology

Sheridan, Kevin Anthropology

Sieberg, Katri K. Political Science (Former Executive Committee)

Spear, Linda P. Psychology

Spear, Norman E. Psychology

Steadman, Dawnie L. Anthropology

Straight, H. Stephen Anthropology

Werner, David Psychology

Wilson, David Sloan Biology, Anthropology (Director)

Wilson, Thomas Anthropology

Former Faculty Participants

Alameda-Lawson, Tania Social Work (Former BNP Steering Committee)

D'Souza, Aruna Art History

Gal, Susannah Biology

Hacker, David J. History

Regan, Patrick M. Political Science

Schneider, Lynne D. English

Shaker, Richard R. Geography

Trexler, Richard History


Last Updated: 12/9/19