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EvoS 451 - Fall 2017
Seminar Schedule

EvoS Seminars are held on Mondays from 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm, when classes are in session, in Science 1 - Room 149 (lecture hall). The seminars are open to the campus and local community. Seminar titles, abstracts and speaker bios will be added as they become available.


Monday, August 28 - David Sloan Wilson, Introductory Lecture

Monday, Sep 4 - No classes (Labor Day)

Monday, Sep 11 - David Sloan Wilson,Tinbergen's Four Questions

Monday, Sep 18 - Carl Lipo, Binghamton University - Envi Studies, on Sustainability (Joint Envi/EvoS seminar)

Monday, Sep 25 - Intro to Evolutionary Games for 10/2

Monday, Oct 2 - Genki Ichinose, Shizuoka University on Cooperation in Evolutionary Games (Joint CoCo/EvoS seminar)

Monday, Oct 9 - Alex Velez, Binghamton University - Anthropology, Intro for 10/23

Monday, Oct 16 - No classes (Fall break Oct 14-17)

Monday, Oct 23 - Scott Williams, NYU - Anthropology, (Joint Anthropology/EvoS)

New hominin fossils from the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa


Monday, Oct 30 - Rebecca Pearce and Anne Clark, Binghamton University - Biology, Intro on Cooperative Breeding

Monday, Nov 6 - Jessica A. Cusick, FSU - Recruitment and Benefits of Helpers in a Cooperative Breeder (Joint Biology/EvoS seminar)

Monday, Nov 13 - Intro for 11/20

Monday, Nov 20 - Andreas Pape and Ken Kurtz, Binghamton University - Psychology on Category Formation (Joint Psychology/EvoS seminar)

Monday, Nov 27 - Intro to Networks for 12/4 (Susan Ryan)

Monday, Dec 4 - Catherine Cramer and Stephen Uzzo, NY Hall of Science on Network Literacy: The Third Task: Adventures in Complexity Literacy and Learning (Joint EvoS/CoCo seminar)

Wednesday, Dec 6 - (Note: Monday classes meet) Graduate student presentations



David Sloan Wilson, EvoS Director

Susan Ryan,  EvoS Instructor

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