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Spring Semester 2017 - EvoS  451



23 - Ian Macdonald, Binghamton University: Orientation - Part 1

30 - Ian Macdonald, Binghamton University: Orientation - Part 2


 6 - David Sloan Wilson, Binghamton University: Universities as (Dys)functional Units: A Multilevel Evolutionary Perspective

13 - Panel Discussion: Darwin & Me: Evolution Across the Disciplines

20 - Paxus Calta, Point A and Max Thaler, Binghamton:  The challenges of collective action: exploring cooperative challenges using economic games

27 - Guru Madhavan, PhD ‘09, National Acadamies of Sciences, Eng. & Medicine: 

A Systems View for Public Policy: An Engineering and Evolutionary Perspective



6 - WINTER BREAK (March 3-7)

13 - Justin Mann, Binghamton University: Social information influences black-and-white warbler (Mniotilta varia) habitat prospecting behavior 

20 - Kirsten M. Prior, Binghamton: Invasive Species - Roles and impacts of invasives in a changing world


27 - Jim Coan, UVA, Psychology: The Social Regulation of Emotion


3 - Christopher D. Lynn, U. of Alabama, Anthropology: Tattooing Commitment, Quality, and Football in Southeastern North America

10 - SPRING BREAK (April 8-17)

17 -SPRING BREAK (April 8-17)

24 - Walter Carson, U. of Pittsburgh: Bambi, Smokey Bear, and introduced enemies: biodiversity collapse within the Eastern Deciduous Forest Biome


1 - Kristina M. Durante, Rutgers Business School: Spending on Daughters in Economic Recessions

4 - Monday classes meet on Thursday: Graduate Student mini talks

8 - Ralph Miller, Binghamton University: Psychology: Transfer of Training: Functional & Mechanistic Considerations


Schedule is subject to change, FMI, contact: evos

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