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How to Finance Your Study Abroad

Types of aid for study abroad

The grants and loans you receive during the fall and spring semesters may be used to cover study abroad charges for Binghamton University or another SUNY program.  However, there are no 'special' funds reserved for study abroad.

If you plan to attend a winter or summer abroad program, loans may be the only available aid and will be deducted from your fall or spring financial aid package.

If you are attending a SUNY program, New York State’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) will be applied. If you’re attending a non-SUNY program, TAP will not be available (see section below "If you're not attending a SUNY Study Abroad Program" for more information).

Once you decide on a program, please meet with a financial aid counselor to discuss financial aid options for the trip. Bring an estimate of the program's cost with you.

To see if you are eligible to apply for scholarships, contact the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives (formerly the Office of International Programs) at 777-2336 or stop by their office located in Old Champlain, Room 240

Financial aid must dos before you study abroad

  • File your FAFSA beginning January 1 for the upcoming year.
  • Obtain a letter of acceptance and a detailed program budget from the school you are going through. Submit these along with the *Study Abroad Request for Review Form (236KB),  to Financial Aid Services.
  • Make sure you have done the necessary paperwork in the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives so they can pre-register you for Study Abroad.
  • Contact Student Accounts, located in the Admissions Center, to discuss how your aid will be disbursed while you are abroad - early December for spring programs and early May for fall programs.
  • Before you leave on the program, double check with all offices involved to assure your financial aid will be processed smoothly.
  • If you are enrolled in a Binghamton University study abroad program during fall, spring and/or summer semester(s), you are required to confirm your enrollment via BU BRAIN. Failure to confirm enrollment will result in your courses being cancelled.
*The Study Abroad Request for Review Form (236KB) lists all of the information and documents we will need in order to determine your eligibility for ANY aid toward study-abroad expenses. Once you complete this form and return it to our office with the required documentation, it will be reviewed by your Financial Aid counselor. You will be notified if there are any changes to your previous financial aid offer.

If you're not attending a SUNY Study Abroad Program

  • You must receive approval for your program from the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives. Contact them at 607.777.2336 or stop by the office located in Old Champlain, Room 240, to request an advising appointment.
  • Check with the school/program that they will accept the Consortium Agreement. Financial aid cannot be considered and processed without a complete consortium agreement on file with Financial Aid Services. You can pick one up in our office located in the Admissions Center, Room 112.
  • Check with the school/program whether you are required to pay in full up front. If you pay in full up front and receive financial aid, you will receive a refund from Student Accounts. Funds must be used to satisfy your financial obligations with your study abroad program first.
  • You are not eligible for New York state’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).
  • Student Accounts will issue a refund directly to you. These funds must be used to pay for your host school. Refunds will not be given until an Enrollment Verification form is completed and received.
  • It is strongly encouraged that you sign up for Direct Deposit via BU BRAIN with the Student Accounts Office. You will need to provide a void check or your bank's routing number and account number to sign up for Direct Deposit.


Payment and refunds

  • Most programs provide students with a form that must be completed by the Financial Aid and Student Accounts offices to verify how much and when the financial aid will be granted. 
  • If you are attending a non-SUNY program, refunds will not be released until an Enrollment Verification form is received by Binghamton University. The form is part of the Consortium agreement package.
  • To arrange for Direct Deposit via BU BRAIN, mailing or picking up of your refund check, contact the Student Accounts Office, Admissions Center 101, or 607-777-2702.
  • You must meet with Student Accounts to discuss and finalize the payment and refund check process.
  • If you receive money for the program, but decide not to go or withdraw mid-way, you must return the disbursed funds to the Student Accounts Office. Failure to do so may result in a loss of aid eligibility in future semester and financial liability to Binghamton University and/or the host institution.

Last Updated: 8/10/17