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Benefits of First-year Research Immersion

The First-year Research Immersion program offers students a number of unique benefits. These include:


Cutting-edge research is part of your coursework. You'll learn the core concepts and theory of a discipline while earning course credit.


Your personal and professional growth: turbocharged. You'll learn methods of scientific research and develop your skills of critical thinking and collaborative research earlier than most undergraduate students at Binghamton University or many other universities or colleges.


Great team members make for great friends. You'll work alongside students who are excited about the same things as you, and build important, long-lasting relationships along the way.


Renowned faculty members work with you. You'll build powerful connections with influential Binghamton professors and lay the foundation for requesting valuable letters of recommendation, which are often required for scholarship, award, internship and graduate school submissions.


Fun is part of your course load. Our research teams are attacking big-world issues – from developing clean energy to preventing neurodegeneration to understanding climate change. You will be a valuable contributor to the solution.


Open doors left and right. You'll make essential connections and build your academic credentials, which employers and graduate programs carefully evaluate.


People will get to know your name. You'll find opportunities to publish in professional journals, present posters at conferences, seek industry internships, be considered for fellowships and grants, and a whole lot more.


Your future will be brighter. You'll have a better idea of what you want to do in college and beyond, and will start off on a solid foundation toward your chosen career or advanced academic studies.

Last Updated: 9/16/19