What is a lead partner?

To qualify for a grant from the Ross Fund, each proposal must have at least two partners: one Binghamton University unit and one community organization or agency. The Fund requests that one of the partners be designated as the lead. This group would be the contact for all official communication about the grant.

Can there be more than two partners who submit a grant proposal?

Yes, the Fund encourages collaboration with multiple community groups and University units. The grant application asks for one of the partners to be designated as lead partner.

How does a community organization find a University partner?

If your organization has a project idea but does not have a contact with an appropriate University unit, please contact Rebecca Hancock, assistant director of donor relations and stewardship, at 607-777-3360 or rhancock@binghamton.edu. Referrals will be made to possible University units. The Fund cannot guarantee that a University partner will be available for each proposed project.

What should be included in the proposal narrative?

A successful grant proposal will describe clearly the need or opportunity the organizations seek to address, focus on a few objectives or goals that the project will accomplish, and spell out what activities or actions will be taken to achieve those objectives or goals. It is important that your proposal describe how you plan to monitor, document and measure your project's outcomes. Please complete all sections of the narrative form.

When preparing the proposal budget, should in-kind contributions be included? How is this shown?

All income, including in-kind contributions, should be included in your project budget. Matching expenditures would appear under expenses.

What happens if my organization does not have all the attachments requested in the application?

If your group does not have all the attachments listed in the application guidelines, please notify Rebecca Hancock at 607-777-3360 or rhancock@binghamton.edu.

Will substitutes for original signatures of the partners be accepted on the grant application?

All signatures must be original on the grant application. Facsimiles, email or voice mail may not be substituted.

What is the application deadline?

For 2019, the deadline is April 19.

Will deadline extensions be granted?

All grant proposals, including attachments must be received by the deadline. No extensions will be granted for any reason.

If our organization is awarded a grant when would funds be available?

Grant funds are available beginning July 1 of each grant year. Customarily, three payments are made. The first payment is issued upon receipt of a duly executed contract and supporting documentation. The remaining two payments are made based upon a schedule outlined in the contract and receipt of satisfactory interim reports.

Are grants limited to Broome County organizations?

All grant projects must include or benefit residents of Broome County. A proposal may benefit contiguous New York state counties.