Faculty Excellence

Faculty give back to support the scholarly work of their colleagues

Portrait of BrieAnna Langlie
Assistant Professor BrieAnna Langlie

BrieAnna Langlie, assistant professor of anthropology, is establishing a paleoethnobotany lab in Science 1 as the first to receive support from the Andean Archeology Anthropology Faculty Support Fund.

Thank you, William H. Isbell, distinguished professor emeritus of anthropology, and Judy U. Siggins!

Portrait of Eric Hoffman
Professor Eric Hoffman

Eric Hoffman, professor and associate dean for research in the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, is working on developing a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He received vital support to convene a workshop on biomarker-focused trial development, with participants from the biomedical research community, nonprofit groups and government agencies.

Thank you, Foundation to Eradicate Duchenne!

Pharmacy student in lab coat
The $60 million, four-story building housing the pharmacy school at Binghamton’s Health Sciences Campus opened its doors to students like this one for the first time in August.

Assistant Professor Tracy Brooks receives invaluable support as the inaugural Menner Family Endowed Faculty Fellow in Pharmacy. Brooks, awarded teacher of the year multiple times before joining the Binghamton faculty in 2016, conducts research centered on oncology, anti-cancer therapeutics and drug target development.

Thank you, Elisabeth (Lisa) Menner Brandt ’66, whose gift helped launch the new School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences!

Undergraduate students, including some Binghamton University Scholars, minoring in genocide and mass atrocity prevention (GMAP) will use summer internship support to advance initiatives in this life-changing field. The interns will be overseen by a GMAP graduate assistant.

Thank you, Susan R. Bloom ’80 and Steven H. Bloom ’78, LHD ’10!

Master’s level students chosen for a new graduate externship in genocide and mass atrocity prevention will work in the field alongside government and civil society organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

Thank you, Owen C. Pell ’80, LLD ’11!

Paul and Monica’s support enabled my hire, the expansion of the graduate program in Latin American history and our ability to attract top-tier students. We now have a deeper and stronger program, with our first colonial Latin Americanist grad student at Binghamton in decades!Bradley Skopyk, assistant professor of history, with a research focus on colonial Latin America and environmental history
Thank you, Monica E. Casey and Paul R. Turovsky ’73, LHD ’12!