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FRI Undergraduate Peer Mentors

UGPMs receive course credit by registering for the "undergraduate teaching" course as it is described by their major/department. They receive peer-mentoring training and further develop their professional skills. Most work in their labs coaching new students. Some specialize, for example, by being a science writing consultant for student teams or equipment specialist for the lab.

ugpm neuro spg17

                            UGPMs for FRI Neuroscience in Spring 2017

Resources for Students 

The Undergraduate Research Center helps undergraduates learn more about the opportunities in their field for research, creative activity and scholarly investigation.

Binghamton University hosts a variety of campus events featuring student and faculty researchers. An annual event, Research Days, highlights include open labs, seminars, poster sessions, tours, speakers and more.

University publications, such as Discover-e and Research Magazine, feature powerful research initiatives and discoveries spearheaded by faculty and encompassing student involvement. 

Binghamton University's Office of External Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards works with undergraduate and graduate students to identify funding opportunities, and then assists them during the application process.

A wide variety of fellowships and internships exist, such as the National Science Foundation's Predoctoral Fellowship program and the National Institutes of Health Fellowships. These fellowships are quite competitive; thus, the FRI program lays a wonderful foundation of building students' academic credentials. 

Ten simple rules for getting the most out of a summer laboratory internship

Funds for travel to present your research at a conference

The Harpur Edge program which is funded through alumni donations has a Harpur Edge Student Support Fund which can be used for conference travel expenses and more. Students must submit a google form application at least one month prior and can request up to $1000. Only Harpur students are eligible.

Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development helps undergraduates explore career and advanced study opportunities.

University online library tutorials is a suite of tutorials that have been designed to introduce students to research practices and to help students understand information resources available to them, both in the library and online.

The Writing Center helps undergraduates enhance essential writing skills.




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